Global Capacity Brings Network Optimization to One Marketplace

Information and logistics company Global Capacity has integrated its network optimization analysis tools into its One Marketplace Access Exchange platform. The customized algorithms offer Global Capacity the ability to optimize networks, identifying excess capacity that can be offered through the One Marketplace Access Exchange to satisfy market demand exceeding 150,000 quotes a month, the company said.

By using the automated optimization algorithms powered by the One Marketplace Access Exchange, Global Capacity is able to help companies identify more efficient network solutions for off-net access services. Specifically, Global Capacity can execute network-optimization analyses that identify opportunities to reduce costs through network novation opportunities, as well as by identifying excess capacity that can be sold back into the market via the One Marketplace Access Exchange. By novating non-strategic off-net network assets to Global Capacity, the company says customers can reduce costs while simplifying operations, enabling them to re-focus efforts on maximizing on-net services and other core competencies to better serve their customers. By identifying excess capacity within existing network inventories and loading it into One Marketplace Access Exchange, customers are able to monetize assets they have already paid for. This excess capacity, which is typically stranded and represents a sunk cost to the customer, can be sold into the market based on customer demand currently running through the One Marketplace Access Exchange, increasing revenue while effectively reducing the cost of that capacity. CONTINUE READING ARTICLE HERE