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Our Philosophy

Public Relations in a nutshell is the ability to manage a company/entity/being’s interactions with the ‘public.’  Public has a variety of meanings – to anyone  – and the crux of what iMPR’s business is built on – is everyone or thing that interacts with the companies and people we represent are our ‘public.’  Traditionally this has meant media and analysts – but with a digital world changing the way we interact and social media altering the ability to directly impact the way people look at and observe brands and messages – we take ‘Public Relations’ to the next level and assume that we can reach all levels of the value-chain.   

Here’s how we do it:

  • Shaping messages with the understanding it will be read from various different perspectives (those that know, don’t know, think they know);
  • Identifying avenues to deliver those messages.  These are our tools.  Think trade shows, Press Releases, case studies, white papers, social media, etc.  Our tool kit consists of a variety of avenues that ultimately end with interacting with our ‘public’ – and finding other ways to connect with them that will add value to their universe – such as educating them, informing them, giving them a good time (networking events), solving a problem (that’s where our client’s products and services come in) and much more;
  • Then we dig deeper to continue to identify and nourish these avenues and relationships to ensure our client’s messages ‘speak’ to the right people.  If we don’t get the results we want or expect, then we re-visit our route to market.

The three bullets above is the blueprint that outlines the ‘art’ of what iMPR creates.  We focus on the effectiveness of that process each and every step to ensure we help our clients deliver the ROI they need and expect.  As a former sales person, and CEO of iMPR, I take it seriously that every dollar we spend and can account for is not just another dollar to recoup – but 3-7x the dollars we need to recoup to prove our value.  Sometimes this is easier to do than others – sometimes it takes less time, most of the time it takes more time.  It’s only natural to want what you want when you want it.  iMPR simply asks our clients for a lot of trust and a little patience and absolute heart, honesty and integrity during the process so that we can collectively achieve what we need to – together.

– Ilissa Miller, CEO and Founder of iMiller Public Relations