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Competitive Analysis

In order to develop an effective strategy for the marketing of your company and its products and services, it’s critical to gain a comprehensive understanding of the surrounding industry landscape through competitor analysis and evaluation. Competition is everywhere, and the key to remaining relevant is ensuring that your organization and its people are recognized as industry leaders and influencers in the marketplace.

As a full-service telecom public relations agency iMPR can help you determine the strengths and weaknesses of competitors within your given market, both current and potential, enabling the development of pinpoint strategies that will provide you with a distinct advantage.

The data iMPR collects provides your company with a unique vantage point from which to generate a comprehensive marketing strategy that will put your organization in the spotlight. With this information, iMPR’s expert team can formulate a customized strategy designed to achieve near and long-term success for your organization. This is accomplished by utilizing a wide range of proven tactical methods, including social media marketing, telecom industry trade show marketing, content development and telecom media relations.