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Product Marketing

Your organization may offer the best and most innovative product or service currently available on the market, but without carefully planned strategic product marketing and positioning, lasting success is virtually impossible. At iMPR, we believe that effective marketing communications is about understanding the needs of the marketplace, and ultimately defining and articulating your company’s core solution while highlighting the unique benefits and key differentiators of your product and service offerings to your prospective customers and partners.

As an award-winning public relations agency, iMPR works with your sales, marketing and operations teams to determine the unique selling proposition of your products and services by analyzing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that surround them. iMPR then takes this information and translates it into a unique story that conveys your company’s solutions more clearly and effectively to the marketplace.

Providing integrated product marketing and public relations for global telecom companies, iMPR utilizes a wide range of proven strategies and methods to help clients win more business. To accomplish this, iMPR defines proper market positioning, develops unique messaging, and provides process documentation from signature through implementation. iMPR will then help your organizations bring these messages to a wider audience via expert services, including social media marketing, telecom media relations, content development, and telecom industry trade show marketing.