EdgeConneX’s ‘Will Video Kill the Internet?’ White Paper Now Available Online

White Paper Examines How the Insatiable Demand for Video and Content is Redefining the Physical Landscape of Today’s Internet Infrastructure



Herndon, VA – March 12, 2014EdgeConneX, specializing in hosting content at the edge of the network, recently published its latest white paper, ‘Will Video Kill the Internet?’, and it is available online as a complimentary download.  The white paper examines the strain placed upon traditional network infrastructure caused by today’s insatiable demand for video and content; it further explains how this data consumption is redefining the physical landscape of today’s Internet.

EdgeConneX’s ‘Will Video Kill the Internet?’ explores the realities of outdated Internet infrastructure across the US.  This includes an examination of traditional peering locations and their inability to facilitate effective delivery of today’s vast content consumption.  As the amount of data crossing over IP networks surpasses the Zettabyte threshold, excessive strain on underlying, antiquated infrastructure will hinder the ability of networks to scale quickly and efficiently.  

This white paper examines the network infrastructure challenges faced by today’s service providers and introduces an innovative, localized peering solution that is aiding today’s Internet architecture.  This progressive architectural paradigm is not only generating a new approach to the delivery of content, but is also revolutionizing end-user experiences.

EdgeConneX specializes in providing purpose-built edge of network hosting solutions that enable the fastest physical delivery of content to consumers.  EdgeConneX is creating a new edge of the Internet by designing and deploying Edge Data Centers that are strategically positioned nearest to network provider aggregation points.  This ensures lowest latency data delivery as well as an improved quality of service.

To download EdgeConnex’s ‘Will Video Kill the Internet?” white paper, visit www.edgeconnex.com/insights/whitepapers.

For more information about EdgeConneX and how it is redefining the infrastructure of the Internet to create a better user experience while alleviating the strain on the underlying network, visit edgeconnex.com or email info@edgeconnex.com.

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About EdgeConneX 
Headquartered in Virginia and operating a national infrastructure with a best-in-class Field Operations team, EdgeConneX provides Space, Power & Connectivity for content, network, colocation, CDNs and service providers, as well as wireless carriers, telecommunications companies, and commercial property owners.  EdgeConneX’s infrastructure solutions create a new edge for traditional networks offering superior performance and economics.  Our purpose-built Meet You Points® optimize delivery of data at network-critical locations closest to the end user.  EdgeConneX is currently operating a national network of over 3,000 nodes across its portfolio and 200,000 cell towers, creating endless revenue potential and performance gain for our customers while offering superior operating economics.  For more information, please visit edgeconnex.com


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