EdgeConneX White Paper, “Will New Mobile OS Features Hurt Network Performance?”, Now Available Online

EdgeConneXWhite Paper Examines Next-Generation Mobile Devices and the Challenges These Devices Create for Traditional Network Architecture

Herndon, VA – November 17, 2014EdgeConneX®, specializing in hosting solutions at the edge of the network, recently published its latest white paper, “Will New Mobile OS Features Hurt Network Performance?” – available online as a complimentary download. The white paper explores the next generation of mobile devices and usage models, revealing how each will exponentially increase data usage and challenge traditional network architectures.

“Will New Mobile OS Features Hurt Network Performance?” examines bandwidth-intensive software features of new devices, including: improved voice recognition; multi-device interactions, hotspot applications and plan bundles; increased syncing and sharing capabilities; enhanced gaming; as well as scanning / shopping capabilities of new smartphones. The white paper also assesses the latest device hardware features and looks at drivers of data usage, including larger storage capacity, display pixels and camera megapixels, which create larger video streams when uploaded and shared by end-users.

According to Cisco’s VNI Forecast 2013–2018, IP traffic will reach 131.6 exabytes per month by 2018 – with data demands predicted to grow exponentially higher in the coming years. Legacy content and application hosting architecture cannot support the high-quality, data-rich user experience today’s customers demand. This EdgeConneX white paper introduces a new paradigm that aids today’s Internet architecture by localizing hosting at the edge of the network. This innovative model enables content providers and network operators to eliminate backbone delays and peering congestion while improving latency and availability to deliver a high-quality user experience.

EdgeConneX specializes in providing location-sensitive, purpose-built and power-dense Edge Data Centers® and wireless solutions to enable the fastest delivery of content to consumers.  EdgeConneX has created a new edge of the Internet by designing and deploying facilities that are strategically positioned nearest to network provider aggregation points, ensuring the lowest latency data delivery, with improved quality of service.

To read the entire white paper, click here.

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Headquartered in Virginia and operating a national infrastructure with a best-in-class field operations team, EdgeConneX provides Space, Power & Connectivity solutions for content, network, colocation, CDNs and service providers, as well as wireless carriers, telecommunications companies, and commercial property owners. EdgeConneX has created a new edge for traditional networks, offering superior performance and economics. Our purpose-built Meet You Points® optimize delivery of data at network-critical locations closest to the end-user. For more information, please visit edgeconnex.com.


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