Stylish, durable case which eliminates the need for a second phone is now available for pre-order on HWTrek

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TAIPEI, TaiwanDecember 12, 2013 –  Digirit, a designer of case enclosures, announced today the launch of The SIM+ iPhone® case on HWTrek (Hardware Trek), a community for digital electronics. The SIM+ stylish cell phone case converts the iPhone® 5 into a dual-SIM phone ¾ eliminating the hassle of switching SIM cards for business or when traveling.

Digirit designed The SIM+ innovative case to protect and expand upon the hardware capability of the iPhone® 5 ¾ enabling it to carry two SIM cards. Much like a regular iPhone® case, users simply remove the standard SIM tray from their iPhone® 5, put in the new protective cover, place the SIM cards in The SIM+ tray and then slide it into place. The aluminum back plate completes the process protecting the SIM cards and phone.

By coupling hardware with clever software, The SIM+ also enables users to easily switch between SIM cards without having to remove The SIM+ tray or turn off the phone. The SIM+ interface that controls the SIM cards automatically appears in the Settings menu after fitting the case to the phone. In addition to allowing users to switch SIM cards in a matter of seconds, more advanced functions enable users to schedule timed switches between SIM cards to avoid any missed calls and missed messages.

“HWTrek is the best partner for us to bring our consumer electronics idea to life. The product development, design and manufacturing expertise, as well as financial backing this community of hardware lovers is providing will help us successfully see The SIM+ through to fruition,” said TJ Huang, creator of The SIM+.

Scheduled for delivery in early 2014, The SIM+ iPhone® case is ready for funding on HWTrek at https://www.hwtrek.com/projects/the-sim3/6. Those first to own this innovative gizmo (available in various colors), will have the opportunity to get an additional Titanium back plate. For more on the SIM+, go to http://www.digirit.com/.

“HWTrek is proud to support entrepreneurs like Digirit, which create products that plug gaps in the marketplace,” said Lucas Wang, CEO, HWTrek. “Our mission is to support ideas, fuel innovation and bring dreams to market.”

About Digirit
Digirit was founded in 2011 by a team of engineers with over 10 years of experience in designing case enclosure and structural engineering for the world’s top consumer electronics brands. With core strength in mechanical engineering, Digirit helps to bring product ideas into reality by providing support in any part of the engineering design process. Learn more about Digirit: http://www.digirit.com/.


Editor’s note: Photos of the SIM+ are available upon request.

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