DE-CIX Expands Internet Exchange Presence with Equinix in Hamburg

Equinix and the global Internet Exchange operator DE-CIX are now also cooperating in Hamburg.

Frankfurt am Main/Hamburg, 25 November 2020. DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operator, and Equinix, Inc. (Nasdaq: EQIX), the global digital infrastructure company, today announced that the full range of DE-CIX interconnection services will now be offered at Equinix’s new HH1 data center in Hamburg. The new data center is now a “DE-CIX Enabled Site”. The IX operator thus gains access to a wider area around the Hanseatic city.

The deployment complements Equinix’s existing interconnection and colocation offerings and provides customers of Equinix’s HH1 International Business Exchange® (IBX®) data center with enhanced services at the edge of the digital network. Customers – including Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and content providers – can now connect directly to the DE-CIX interconnection platform and exchange data with DE-CIX customers via peering.

DE-CIX’s and Equinix’s customers will mutually benefit from access to further entry points into the cloud. Equinix operates the software-defined Equinix Fabric™ (formerly Equinix Cloud Exchange Fabric®), which provides optimized access to leading cloud providers and enables companies to interconnect their distributed infrastructures. DE-CIX operates a carrier and data-center neutral Cloud Exchange, enabling the connection to more than 50 global Cloud Providers.

The new connection also extends the offers in HH1 with the DE-CIX services FlexPOP, GlobePEER Remote, and VirtualPNI. Customers thus benefit from complete network coverage and can increase their on-net presence in Hamburg. In addition, they can use their existing access to connect to more DE-CIX locations via peering and to run Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) easily.

The expanded cooperation between Equinix and DE-CIX will benefit from Hamburg’s strong digital economy and industrial innovators who are creating a growing demand for peering opportunities. The new deployment strengthens Hamburg’s position as a digital location and

enables companies to locate their infrastructure closer to the network edge in order to optimize their customer offerings.


Thomas King, CTO, DE-CIX:

“The Hamburg location has become increasingly important in recent years. We now have 200 connected customers, and when you look at the demand, we expect the new Enabled Site to trigger a further growth spurt. One of our strategic goals is to get physically closer to users and end customers, thereby promoting edge computing. As a result, data transmission and processing takes place directly on site with the lowest latencies, which on the one hand massively improves the classic user experience and on the other hand takes digital applications and innovations with high data volumes to a whole new level.”

Jens-Peter Feidner, Managing Director, Germany, Equinix:

“We are pleased to expand our cooperation with DE-CIX in Germany. The new connection in Hamburg complements our existing colocation and interconnection offerings perfectly, providing both Equinix customers and DE-CIX members with powerful peering and interconnection services at the digital network edge. In the course of the cooperation, we will also strengthen Hamburg’s position as an important European digital location and drive forward the digital transformation of companies in various sectors such as logistics, industry, and trade.”

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