BridgePoint Technologies’ President & CEO, Michael Millhouse, Participates in AM560’s ‘Play Makers Spotlight’

Michael Millhouse, President and CEO of BridgePoint Technologies, was recently interviewed by Dick Smith of the AM560 WIND Game Changers Radio Show for a segment entitled “Play Makers Spotlight with Dick Smith.”

Mr. Millhouse was asked a series of questions about BridgePoint’s IT solutions. In this short synopsis of the interview, Mr. Millhouse describes BridgePoint Technologies’ Mobile Applications and Virtual Office solutions.


What does BridgePoint have in the way of managed services that it can offer?

“BridgePoint has a cloud-based technology solution called Virtual Office. This allows businesses and employees to connect and work in remote teams across various platforms. Whether the company has two or 200 employees, our Virtual Office enables communication and collaboration amongst those team members through shared calendars, e-mail, and Microsoft® tools.”

Mobile Application Development is an exciting, up-and-coming new trend. What types of apps can BridgePoint develop?

“BridgePoint does Apple iOS development as well as Android and Windows Phone, iPad and Windows tablet development.  A lot of what we do is cross-platform. We write the code in one language and are able to provide those solutions across multiple platforms, so it doesn’t matter what device our clients are working from. We have a lot of different applications in app stores, as well.  Here’s an example: a remote workforce of people who drive around in cars and gather data out in the field. We have an app for an insurance business; agents can drive around to their appointments and input their information and data into tablets; all of the information then syncs up and is sent live to their home office.”

To listen to the radio segment in its entirety, please click here.  The interview is also available via iTunes and the Game Changers Radio Show App.