Reliability, Cost Savings and Customer Service: Mosaic Life Care Shares what Bluebird Network Delivers

“What I notice is that they [Bluebird] care about the service they are delivering, and we’re not just another customer”

COLUMBIA, MO – February 16, 2021 – Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider, consistently impresses their customers with world-class services and unmatched customer care. Driven by empowering customers through their digital journey and setting a high standard for quality services, Bluebird’s focus remains on excellent customer care.

Recently, the director of information services at Mosaic Life Care, Jason Lewis, shared how Bluebird Network provides Mosaic with connectivity services to ensure their medical centers and clinics across Missouri remain connected, even in the most remote areas.

Lewis states: “I would say reliability is the primary service Bluebird provides. Reliability is a critical component to our company, especially with respect to our remote clinics. We know Bluebird will deliver services in situations where we have a tight timeline for a project.

“I remember five or six years ago, we had a clinic go live in Albany, MO, and we had a short project timeline. We were able to work with Bluebird to get a point-to-point circuit established within a few hours. The network circuit was leveraged to provide network connectivity from the clinic back to the Mosaic EMR solution.

“Bluebird cares about the service they are delivering, and we’re not just another customer. They understand. It’s an extra initiative, especially when you call and they say, ‘Hey, we’ll get an engineer on the issue’ and we get a call back right away.”

Lewis compliments Bluebird’s engineering staff, and says he even feels comfortable calling specific members of the Bluebird staff because they’ve worked through Mosaic’s technical difficulties in the past. He states it reduces anxiety when he knows the people working on the company’s circuits.

Continuing, Lewis adds, “you feel more confident when someone that you have worked with is on the line with you, and they already understand your network, your situation and are working on the problem with you.

“We have a lot of hard-to-reach connections and Bluebird has been able to provide us a large enterprise-class connectivity to some smaller areas …I mean, their fiber infrastructure has been remarkably solid for us. Uptime is like saving money and we probably have had between a 10 to 15% reduction on our costs within a Bluebird circuit.”

With lives on the line, reliability is key for Mosaic, especially in an ever-advancing digital world. Thankfully, Lewis states that Mosaic was prepared for such an event by increasing their network specifications over the years with Bluebird. They did not experience interruptions and were able to keep serving their patients.

“The services that Bluebird can deliver are phenomenal…from any cost standpoint,” Lewis concludes.

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