ONUG Collaborative Releases Automated Cloud Governance White Paper

Guidance on developing a framework to achieve automated cloud governance

Hingham, MA – June, 9 2020 – ONUG, the largest community of global 2000 IT executives, focused on advocacy for open, interchangeable and observable hardware and software solutions, announced the publication of the Automated Cloud Governance White Paper. The Automated Cloud Governance Working Group, part of the ONUG Collaborative, authored the white paper which describes a framework to achieve automated cloud governance and explores solutions while also initiating an industry conversation concerning the critical role governance plays in all digital transformation projects.

The large enterprise is a multi-cloud market.  At Cigna, which uses cloud computing from Amazon Web Services, Alphabet Inc.’s Google and Microsoft Corp. —among others—tech teams must learn the nuances of each cloud vendor’s processes and reconcile that information, said James Beeson, the insurer’s chief information security officer, and ONUG Collaborative member.  “It could slow down our ability to identify a problem, and react to it and contain it,” he said.

Each cloud provider defines and provides security alerts, events, logs, alarms etc. notification information differently which causes security organizations to staff to decipher the different cloud provider’s security notification framework schema.  “My own stakeholders—regulators, the board, auditors—we need transparency,” said Gene Sun, Chief Information Security Officer at FedEx and ONUG Collaborative member. “This day-to-day pain is unsustainable.”  Reconciliation is crucial to proper oversight of data as it moves externally, and to provide evidence of regulatory compliance to auditors, said Gene Sun, chief information security officer at FedEx.

Amazon, Google and Microsoft, among others, should report the information in a standardized way, Mr. Sun said.  This Automated Cloud Governance work is a framework or way forward to solving these problems so that cloud consumption can increase, tools can be developed to facilitate a shared responsibility model and compliance audit time reduced.

FedEx like so many large companies have a team dedicated to translating disparate data from the cloud providers. Today, Governance is mostly a manual process and automating it would address company’s “pain points.” Providing a framework to code policy and governance would result in agility, choice, options and security for large enterprise cloud consumers.

The Automated Cloud Governance White Paper is the first deliverable from the ONUG Collaborative, formed in 2019 with founding members FedEx, Cigna, Raytheon Technologies and ONUG. The mission of the ONUG Collaborative is to identify and provide solutions to cross industry, large enterprise issues, such as cybersecurity and data protection, that concern all large corporations.

“The first project of the ONUG Collaborative focused on automating cloud governance as governance gets in the way of all digital transformation projects and is usually the root cause of failure thanks to lack of control of information and data”, said Nick Lippis, Co-Founder of ONUG

In addition to founding companies, the Automated Cloud Governance working group included contributions from JP Morgan Chase, Kaiser Permanente, Concourse Labs, Pfizer, and others.

The Automated Cloud Governance white paper seeks to initiate an industry conversation on this critical topic. The white paper’s main objectives are to focus on the industry’s need for:

  • Cloud transparency
  • Cloud Standardization identity and data format
  • Cloud security center framework standardization

Despite the growth in cloud computing, lack of governance, transparency and data control can hamper the advancement of the industry.   Greater consistency in information from the cloud companies would simplify work for customers and lead them to use more cloud computing, said Daniel Conroy, chief technology officer at Raytheon.

“Technology executives in highly regulated industries such as banking and health care would consume  more cloud services if cloud providers  made it easier to understand how systems and data are managed, said Don Duet,  chief executive and founder of New York-based consulting firm Concourse Labs, and Automated Cloud Governance Working Group member.

The ONUG Collaborative and the recently released white paper seek to reduce these pain points by developing cloud provider transparency and standardization in identity, data format and security center frameworks.

The Automating Cloud Governance White Paper is now available to the public.

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