Liquid Technology Announces Release of Whitepaper Designed to Provide Organizations with Vital IT Asset Retirement Knowledge

Whitepaper Provides Businesses a Practical Understanding of Device Lifecycles and Outlines How to Implement a Plan for Retiring IT Assets

NEW YORK – November 27, 2018 – Liquid Technology, an industry leading IT asset disposition service provider, announces today the availability of their new whitepaper, titled, “A Retirement Plan For Your IT Assets”. The whitepaper acts as a guide for enterprises to follow to ensure proper disposition, recycling, and degaussing of dated or unnecessary IT assets.

The whitepaper defines IT assets as technology hardware owned and used by an organization to conduct business. Americans alone dispose of 9.4 million tons of electronics per year, and the number is expected to rise with the advent of technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT). As a result, IT asset disposition (ITAD) is a growing industry across the globe, with the current market being worth $9.898 US billion. Development of a proper ITAD plan aims to minimize risk and potential financial loss while safeguarding businesses against the risks of non-compliance.

Liquid Technology’s whitepaper acknowledges that while companies need proper ITAD strategies, achieving an environmentally responsible, financially secure and compliant process can be difficult. Global laws regarding the protection of sensitive data have grown stricter, parallel to environmental regulations. Within the whitepaper are concrete steps businesses can take to become more knowledgeable about the process, ensure their ITAD partners are following compliance standards, and how to avoid costly penalties. However, companies are reminded that ITAD is not a set and forget process. Regulatory concerns are constantly growing and changing, and ITAD professionals, like Liquid Technology, are often the best resource when untangling the process’s complexities. In turn, businesses can save themselves from costly data breaches and imposed fines and ultimately better preserve their reputation and clientele.

“In order to ensure the safety and success of our planet and our industry, it is imperative that companies are cognizant of their IT asset disposition,” states Richard Greene, managing partner and founding member of Liquid Technology. “We know that adopting ethical and compliant practices is not always a straightforward process, which is exactly why we created this whitepaper. In educating businesses on how to look for great ITAD partners, we seek not only to bring greater success to our clients by equipping them with vital knowledge but to make the world a safer, more honest place to do business.”

Liquid Technology understands that exemplary ITAD begins before a company even purchases its equipment. To ensure compliance throughout every step of the process, Liquid Technology provides market expertise to guide businesses through everything from secure data destruction to resale of aging equipment. These decisions, when managed correctly, establish greater security, maximize ROI and minimize business risk.

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