Len Bosack, CEO, XKL to present at PTC’12

Len Bosack, CEO XKL LLCOn Sunday, January 15th, 2:30pm, XKL’s CEO Len Bosack will present “Dark Fiber: Preparing for a Future Past 100G” at the Pacific Telecommunication Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Leonard Bosack, industry tastemaker and innovator, continues to drive technology direction, his most recent technological advancements include creating new in-line fiber optic amplification systems that can achieve unprecedented data transmission latency speeds of just 6.071 milliseconds (fiber plus equipment latency) over 1231 kilometers of fiber – roughly the distance between Chicago and New York City.

Since joining XKL, LLC, Bosack drives the development of XKL products that utilize ‘best of breed’ off the shelf components in a novel way.

His presentation at this year’s PTC’12 will review the current state of dark fiber and the necessary steps to surpass 100G. He will also share his predictions for the future of the dark fiber industry, and how we can prepare for the changes ahead. During his presentation, he will answer questions, such as:

  • What is in the ground now?
  • What should go in next?
  • Why does it matter?

Please attend Bosack’s presentation on Sunday at 2:30 pm to learn more about his insights on the future of the dark fiber industry. To schedule a media meeting with XKL at PTC, email pr@imillerpr.com

Originally published on BroadBand Nation.