Host in Ireland’s ‘The ‘5 Ps’ of Digital Assets Hosting’ Case Study Now Available Online

Case Study Examines the Five Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Location to Host Digital Assets 

Host In IrelandDublin, Ireland – June 17, 2014Host in Ireland, an industry-led initiative to promote Ireland as an optimum location to host digital assets, announces the availability of its recently released case study, ‘The ‘5 Ps” of Digital Assets Hosting’, on the Host in Ireland website.  This case study examines the ‘5 Ps’ of digital assets hosting: policy, people, pedigree, pipes and power and their role in helping customers discern the most advantageous locations for their hosting needs.  The case study also recognizes Ireland, which offers the best of these key principles, as the leader in digital assets hosting. 

Host in Ireland’s “The ‘5Ps’ of Digital Assets Hosting’ addresses the market challenge of hosting digital assets abroad.  The case study also showcases powerful industry insight that supports Ireland’s position as a superior hosting location in the EMEA region, on par with London, Paris, Frankfurt and Amsterdam.  This includes statistics of strong public policy; economic and political stability; a young, highly skilled and affordable workforce; an established pedigree of leading companies that have hosted digital assets in Ireland for over five decades; ample worldwide connectivity; and renewable and affordable energy resources.   

Host in Ireland’s commitment to the 5Ps, is evidenced by its most recent press release with Internet Neutral Exchange Association Ltd. (INEX).  Representing the fourth P, Pipes, INEX provides companies with a higher level of connectivity, allowing them to more efficiently and cost-effectively expand their footprint globally via IP peering capabilities.

Host in Ireland specializes in providing timely and accurate information to companies looking to expand abroad.  The initiative is sponsored by organizations that combined, represent the ecosystem that supports and drives the ‘5 Ps’, enabling the successful hosting of U.S. digital assets in Ireland.  Through this power of collective, organizations are privy to insider information and opportunities that support their expansion into the EMEA region.

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About Host in Ireland
Host in Ireland is an industry-led marketing initiative that provides timely and accurate information on the Ireland’s Digital Asset Hosting Ecosystem at all times including demonstrating why Ireland is more cost effective, efficient, reliable, secure and accessible than most other regions across the EU. There’s a reason companies like Microsoft, Zendesk, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Adobe and beyond have sought to host their solutions in as well as to/from Ireland. Many of these reasons are immediately realized due to access to affordable power, redundant network and bandwidth capacity along with a variety of data center providers that offer an array of services sustained by the 5 Ps: Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes, and Power. On top of that is a very attractive business management structure, implemented by Ireland, which is keenly interested to bring new businesses into the market. Ireland supports this initiative through attractive fiscal structures, access to a skilled workforce and full support of the U.S. Safe Harbor and Patriot Acts – ensuring data asset compliance for companies large and small. For more information about Host in Ireland, visit

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