Evaluating Data Centers: A Webinar for Data Center Buyers by the Independent Data Center Alliance

Buyers of Data Center Services Will Benefit from Operators’ Guidance on How to Evaluate Data Center Services and Providers

NEW YORK  – October 27, 2020  The Independent Data Center Alliance, a consortium of global independent data center operators who collaborate to create single-sourced solutions for buyers of colocation and data center services, kicks off its Webinar series with a discussion aimed at data center service consumers titled: Evaluating Data Centers: When to Choose a REIT, Metro, Regional or Edge Operator Provider. The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 12pm ET

Through the Independent Data Center Alliance’s consultative approach helping buyers make the best decision for their businesses, Evaluating Data Centers: When to Choose a REIT, Metro, Regional or Edge Operator Provider offers honest perspectives, sound advice and a collaborative approach to data center buying decisions. Whether it’s a solution offered by a member of the alliance or in partnership with operators throughout the world, data center buyers will get clear answers to key questions, including: When is a solution the right fit for a REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust), metro, regional or edge data center operator? How do you evaluate a provider to ensure your immediate and future needs will be met, and does location really matter?




  • Thursday, November 12, 2020 at 12:00pm ET



The program is offered at no cost to data center buyers who can learn more by clicking here or register here.

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About The Independent Data Center Alliance

The Independent Data Center Alliance (IND-DCA) is a consortium of independent data center and carrier hotel operators engaged in joint go to market initiatives that include commercial agreements to co-market and co-promote their individual facilities as a collective. The Alliance provides participants an opportunity to reach potential buyers outside their individual service areas sharing the advantages of their respective locations while providing a wide network of options to buyers. Learn more at http://www.ind-dca.org.

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