DataGryd Completes MegaSuite 6 Facility

The Finished Suite Delivers Prime Data Center Space With Up to 5 Megawatts of Primary Power

NEW YORK – July 30, 2019 – DataGryd, a leading data center provider in New York City, announces today that it has completed MegaSuite 6, a high-density and high-performance data center suite designed to meet clients’ expanding requirements for data processing and storage. MegaSuite 6 delivers secure and reliable infrastructure to seamlessly support evolving networking demands.

MegaSuite 6 is high-power, offers cost-effective megawatt configurations and is located in the largest single-footprint data center space available in New York City — DataGryd’s iconic 60 Hudson Street, a world-class carrier hotel. In addition to near-limitless scalability in the heart of a global networking and business hub, tenants of MegaSuite 6 benefit from megawatt configurations supported by 5,000 kilowatts (kW) of utility power generators and cooling towers. MegaSuite 6 delivers 72,000 square feet of support infrastructure and provides wholesale pricing and customizable suites starting at 100 kW, 250kW, 500kw and up to 5 MW for turnkey entry into the New York market.

Customers are empowered to directly connect to more than 300 carriers, network providers and exchanges, along with more than six fully operational subsea systems anchored in the building, with no monthly cross connect fees. To offer increased resiliency, DataGryd’s power source is a direct feed from the utility, with dual power feeds that are entirely separated from the building.

“We’re thrilled to have completed this exciting build, offering a turnkey data center solution that expertly supports global networking requirements and technologies with effective IT infrastructure,” comments Tom Brown, President and CEO of DataGryd. “As one of the largest data center construction projects in Manhattan, MegaSuite 6 stands as the most modern and efficient data center solution in the market. This underpins our commitment to driving operational efficiencies for customers while delivering the highest possible value into the future.”

DataGryd’s MegaSuites are tenant-optimized to deliver lower capital and operational expenditure options, effectively maximizing clients’ capital and providing cost savings that could reach tens of thousands of dollars within an agreement’s lifetime. MegaSuite 6 offers no obligation requirements for meet-me-room interconnects and delivers cross-connects to other networks without a recurring monthly fee.

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About DataGryd

DataGryd offers the most strategic international data network hub and largest single footprint data center available in New York City. DataGryd’s 60 Hudson facility in Lower Manhattan provides up to 60,000 square-feet of available colocation space and state-of-the-art power and cooling infrastructure for data network, telecommunications, cloud and large enterprises. Located in one of the world’s most concentrated hubs of Internet connectivity, 60 Hudson provides access to over 300 interconnected carriers and exchanges, with multiple Points of Entry (POEs) from diverse data network providers and direct fiber conduits. Using proprietary technology, the high-density data center offers dual contingencies and delivers the highest value in energy efficiency, with direct primary utility feeds offering up to 5 MW of power. DataGryd data centers have no cross-connect fees or obligations to use any third-party Meet-Me Rooms (MMRs). The company provides turn-key wholesale data center space that leverages fortified facilities and custom suites with minimal deployment requirements. To learn more about DataGryd, visit

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