DatacentreSpeak Launches Digital Transformation Services for Operators of Hybrid Infrastructure and Data Centers

A new digital transformation service offering from DatacentreSpeak is aimed at medium-sized organizations, with a business model optimized according to their needs.

NEW YORK, February 11th 2021: DatacentreSpeak, a leader in business development consulting for the digital infrastructure sector, has today announced the launch of new a service offering to aid medium-sized companies to identify and prioritize digitalization opportunities and develop an effective strategy for program delivery. DatacentreSpeak combines in-depth knowledge of the data center sector with global reach to stimulate business growth.

The new Digital Transformation (DX) service offering is focussed on optimizing the operational agility of digital infrastructure, from multi-tenanted facilities and globally connected hybrid infrastructure to wholly owned and operated, private data centers. DatacentreSpeak offers to support companies to align their digital infrastructure with the evolving requirements of the business as well as customer needs.

“Analysts have emphasized the advantage that digitally transformed businesses will be at as they emerge from the pandemic,” says Michael Adams, CEO of DatacentreSpeak. “The challenge for smaller enterprises and colocation service providers is knowing where to start. They typically lack the budget or appetite for long and expensive engagement with prominent business consultancy firms. This is where DatacentreSpeak steps in; by providing a digital transformation roadmap with as-needed support from professional consultants, we give the client greater agency and control over the cost and deployment of DX projects.”

Cost-effective Digital Transformation for Medium-sized Enterprises

The requirements of established medium-sized enterprises differ from those of start-ups – which today are usually digitally native, leveraging cloud and outsourced services – and large enterprises. “The main pain point for these businesses is complexity,” continues Adams, “over time, their digital infrastructure has been developed in a reactive rather than proactive fashion. Generally, it is so widely distributed that it is near-impossible to manage and maintain, let alone optimize. Complexity affects their business agility, decision-making and often their ability to compete.”

The DatacentreSpeak approach recognizes that successful digital transformation requires systems thinking; it centers on the fire triangle of people, processes and technology to ignite the transformation process. Taking on board the complexity of established businesses, the process is aimed to deliver a roadmap to success keeping the client business and architecture as agile as possible.

Michael Adams comments; “Medium-sized companies are at risk of disruption if they delay the digital transformation process. The onset of the pandemic has demonstrated that when presented with the prospect of disaster, businesses have been able to very quickly assimilate digitalized solutions without a lot of bureaucracy, cost or delay. Working with DatacentreSpeak promises similar levels of agility to accelerate the path to success.”

DatacentreSpeak offers the following steps to support customers on their digital transformation journey:

  • An initial workshop to frame DX challenges
  • The creation of a DX Roadmap
  • Potential technology solutions and partners around the world
  • Knowledge of regulatory constraints and requirements
  • Collaborative approach and better ownership, building internal teams to deliver projects in favor of using external contractors

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About DatacentreSpeak

Headquartered in Newbury, UK and with offices throughout the US, Europe, EMEA, Far East and Australia, DatacentreSpeak is a team of global advisors providing:

– Strategic consultancy for business development programs

– Digital transformation consultancy, aligning IT and digital infrastructure with the business requirement.

The company exclusively serves clients in the data center and mission critical sectors in all major colocation hubs around the world. Its consultants open doors with targeted end-users, adding credibility and global reach to quickly and cost-effectively scale customer acquisition strategies.

DatacentreSpeak provides direct feedback from potential end-user customers to validate and refine value propositions, maximizing the potential and success for both solution and service providers to the sector.

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