Bulletin Launches Mobile Two-Factor Authentication API

New API Provides Fast and Easy Way to Create an Added Layer of Security for Enterprise Applications 

bulletin logoSAN DIEGO, CA, USA – April 15, 2015Bulletin.net, a leading provider of cloud-based mobile messaging Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), announced today the release of a new Mobile Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) Application Programming Interface (API) that enables enterprise customers to enhance security safeguards and user authentication access to web, IT or mobile applications for end-users located anywhere in the world. 

Bulletin’s Mobile Two-Factor Authentication delivers a supplementary level of security for applications beyond the traditional username and password login process, without added inconvenience to enterprise customers. The easy-to-use solution provides end-users requesting access to enterprise applications with a single PIN number (token) that is sent directly to the users’ mobile phones via Short Message Service (SMS), eliminating the need for customers to purchase new equipment, remember additional passwords or provide personally identifying data. 

“Recent data breaches have increased public security awareness amongst enterprise organizations across the globe,” remarked Michael Messner, Vice President of Business Development, Bulletin. “As business continues its move out of brick and mortar locations and into virtualized environments, cyber security must remain top of mind for today’s business professionals. Our 2FA capabilities ensure enterprise data, systems and applications are protected, providing access to only authorized users.” 

With Bulletin’s Mobile Two-Factor Authentication, gaining secure access to enterprise applications is a simple process for both enterprise customers and their end-users. After establishing a Bulletin account, enterprise customers can connect their sites or applications leveraging Bulletin’s easy-to-use Two-Factor Authentication API. When an end-user accesses and logs in to the enterprises’ website, the Two-Factor Authentication API automatically generates a token which is then sent to the user’s registered mobile device. From here, the user simply copies the token from their mobile device into the PIN input field of the website to verify their identity. 

Key features and benefits of the Bulletin’s Mobile Two-Factor Authentication include: 

  • Simple API code for rapid, turnkey implementation 
  • Seamless access for all users across the globe
  • Configurable token code
  • Available delivery receipts for most mobile operators 
  • No additional hardware or tokens required 
  • Maximum number of failed login attempts to reduce the risk of attacks by unauthorized persons 
  • Lower help desk and security management costs

For more information about Bulletin’s new Mobile Two-Factor Authentication, please visit https://www.bulletin.net/two-factor.

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