BridgePoint Technologies and Xamarin Partner to Deliver High-Performance, Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

Xamarin Enables Accelerated App Development as well as a High Quality, Native Experience Across All Major Mobile Platforms

BridgePoint Technologies

OAK BROOK, IL, AUGUST 26, 2013BridgePoint Technologies, a full service information technology consulting firm, today announces it is now a Premier Consulting Partner of Xamarin, the company that empowers more than 380,000 developers to build fully native mobile apps across all major platforms.  BridgePoint leverages Xamarin’s software as the underlying development platform for all of its cross-platform applications available on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

Unlike traditional platforms that require the use of programming languages Objective-C for Apple and Java for Android deployments, Xamarin allows BridgePoint developers to produce reusable, fully native code across all three major platforms leveraging a single, modern language, C#, and .NET framework.  This enables BridgePoint to take full advantage of its .NET framework expertise as well as repurpose its high-value C# experts, who now leverage Xamarin to make their seamless transitions into mobile application development.

“BridgePoint Technologies has embraced the Xamarin platform as its technology of choice for the development of mobile applications because it allows us to deliver high-performance, high-quality cross-platform applications to our customers in a fraction of the time of traditional mobile app deployments,” says John Gavilan, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, BridgePoint Technologies.  “Xamarin empowers our mobile team to accelerate its development process while maintaining exceptional app performance, enabling BridgePoint to then translate these substantial time and cost savings as well as exceptional service quality onto our valued mobile customers.”

“We are pleased that BridgePoint Technologies has signed on as a Premier Consulting Partner, leveraging Xamarin to develop innovative and successful mobile applications for its customers,” adds Stephanie Schatz, VP of Sales and Customer Success at Xamarin.  “With Xamarin, BridgePoint Technologies has successfully decreased its time to market, repurposed existing talent and reduced the complexity associated with cross-platform development – all while meeting customer demand for efficient and cost-effective mobile access.”

In an age where mobile technology is ubiquitous, more and more enterprises are adopting cross-platform mobile applications for a number of reasons ranging from managing the rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), to streamlining internal operations and processes, to leveraging the technology as their primary sales channels.  BridgePoint is at the forefront of the mobile movement, providing customers with high-performing, cost-effective and cross-functional mobile apps since 2004; the company’s most recent and notable mobile applications include Digital Workorder (DWO) and Clevermind.

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About BridgePoint Technologies
BridgePoint Technologies delivers innovative, scalable business solutions to help its clients reduce costs, increase revenue and gain competitive advantage through technology.  The company works closely with clients to understand their unique business needs and develop a roadmap on how best to achieve those goals, helping customers achieve maximum ROI utilizing traditional and emerging technologies. BridgePoint has three strategic business units – IT Staffing, IT Business Solutions and Managed Services – that offer a full suite of IT solutions to its clients, including custom and mobile application development, SharePoint and Virtual Office.  For more information about BridgePoint Technologies, please visit  Additional information about BridgePoint can be found on the company’s Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn pages.

About Xamarin
Xamarin is the new standard for enterprise mobile development.  No other platform enables businesses to reach all major devices—iOS, Android, Mac and Windows—with 100 percent fully native apps from a single code base.  With Xamarin, businesses standardize mobile app development in C#, share on average 75 percent of source code across platforms, and leverage their existing skills, teams, tools and code to rapidly deliver great apps with broad reach.  Xamarin is used by over 380,000 developers from more than 100 Fortune 500 companies and 20,000 paying customers including Clear Channel, Schindler, McKesson, Halliburton, Cognizant, GitHub, Rdio and WebMD, to accelerate the creation of mission-critical consumer and enterprise apps.  For more information, please visit:, read our blog, and follow us on Twitter @xamarinhq.

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