Apeiron Zoh Appoints Kerry Prine as CEO

Apeiron Zoh Empowers Limitless Living through Complex Systems, Precision Medicine, Epigenetics and Age Rejuvenation

Austin, TX – July 22, 2020 – Apeiron Zoh, global leaders in data-driven precision performance and curators of a new paradigm of age rejuvenation, enhanced human performance and purposeful evolution, announces the appointment of Kerry Prine as Chief Executive Officer. Kerry Prine, previously serving as Apeiron Zoh’s Chief Operating Officer, takes over this role from Mickra Hamilton, AuD, a Co-Founder who will now be focusing on the Apeiron Zoh Foundation.

The appointment solidifies Apeiron Zoh’s commitment to accelerating growth and enhancing global reach, allowing even greater access to the company’s groundbreaking and holistic approach to enhancing human performance and age rejuvenation. Apeiron Zoh uses genetics and epigenetic lifestyle strategies along with scientific research, advanced biologics and leading-edge technologies. These powerful strategies target the physiological, emotional, mental, and energetic aspects of the human system to enhance life, improve relationships with the internal and external environment and impact the collective environment.

“Apeiron Zoh is Greek for limitless life. Our goal is to empower people throughout the world with access to personalized, evidence-based capabilities that enhance overall life experience. We view this as a purposeful evolution of a fully integrated human,” adds Kerry Prine, CEO of Apeiron Zoh. “Being a part of Apeiron Zoh and leading the organization to help people change their lives – regardless of age and current health status – is why I’m here. I am excited to empower people to be proactive with their health and take control in a truly targeted way.”

“It is an honor to pass Apeiron Zoh’s baton of command to Kerry Prine, who during his tenure with the company has already proven his outstanding leadership capabilities, business acumen, and passionate commitment to advancing our life’s purpose,” comments Mickra Hamilton. “I am excited to continue supporting Apeiron Zoh’s mission and goals through the Apeiron Zoh Foundation, a nonprofit initiative focused on research and development of complex systems approaches for human system rejuvenation and precision performance strategies which prevent and resolve post traumatic stress/traumatic brain injury and result in restoration of wholeness and post traumatic growth. The Foundation is committed to empowering nonprofits, military personnel, veterans and first responder communities to identify alternative and long-term solutions to healing and restoration.”

With Prine at the helm and Hamilton’s nonprofit Foundation work, Daniel Stickler, M.D., Apeiron’s Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, will focus on Apeiron’s genomics research and advanced strategies for clinical age rejuvenation to continue the initiatives that expand the reaches of human potential.

Apeiron Zoh is the only corporation offering a complex systems approach to enhance and transcend the limits of human performance. Apeiron Zoh leverages leading-edge data and scientific approaches that redefine how we look at our health, challenging traditional status quo approaches to guide individuals to achieve the outcomes they desire. The company combines genetic and blood testing with brain mapping, cognitive assessment, advanced aging biomarkers, individual bio-specific programming reviews, and biometric technology monitoring with coaching, supplements and community support to epigenetically optimize human performance and potential.

The corporation’s ecosystem includes Apeiron Performance Centers, which is dedicated to age rejuvenation and performance enhancement; Apeiron Zoh Academy, which provides medical and non-medical, life changing educational opportunities, and Apeiron Corporate Division, providing data-driven precision to optimize workplace wellness and culture. The ecosystem also includes Apeiron Research and Development, which creates advanced strategies and technology that restore resonance to the human system, then takes it further into age rejuvenation and Apeiron Metrics – (in development) a unique software platform that houses ‘limitless’ biometrics data that enables and informs the optimization of human longevity and performance.

For more information about Apeiron Zoh, please visit https://www.ApeironZoh.com

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About Apeiron Zoh

Founded in 2015 by Mickra Hamilton, AuD and Daniel Stickler, M.D., Apeiron Zoh is the leader in the new paradigm of complex systems precision medicine. The company challenges the limits of human performance leveraging genetics, epigenetics, scientific and technological advancements to create new levels of human performance and potential. Through leadership in clinician education, clinical application of advanced technologies, biometric monitoring, and community development, Apeiron Zoh has created a movement. This movement is changing the world-view of what is possible for each of us. To learn more visit: www.Apeironzoh.com.

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