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Press Release Template Outline

Industry standard font: Times New Roman (although some customers will specify other fonts)
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PRESS RELEASE – **DRAFT** For Immediate Distribution / MEDIA ALERT (Times New Roman size 10pt)

Media Contact:
Contact name
Contact Telephone

The Header should be bold, direct and less than 100 characters (Times New Roman; bolded; size 14pt)

The sub-header can elaborate more on the specifics alluded to and called out in the header.  No more than 150-200 characters (Times New Roman; italicized; size 12pt)

DATELINE APPEARS WITH CITY, STATE – DATE OF RELEASE – Start the message of the press release immediately here with the company name, short description, and continue in present tense to what this announcement is.  State the announcement boldly and directly without any marketing ‘fluff.’ (Remainder of content should be Times New Roman or Arial size 10pt)

Now is your chance to elaborate on why this announcement is important and what its relevancy is to the marketplace.  You can add key specifics and information points that you want the reader to keenly understand and take away. Don’t be afraid to hit them over the head with the salient points of the product, service, customer, or solution that we are announcing.  Keep the content in present tense, pay attention to grammar and do not repeat words. That’s what a thesaurus is for.

“What better way than to hit the message over the reader’s head than to quote a senior executive telling the reader exactly why this announcement is important to them, the customer, the product, the solution, the marketplace,” comments Ilissa Miller, CEO of iMiller Public Relations.  “Always use the correct title and company name exactly how it should be. Reference the company’s website for these details and then use the hyperlinks within.”

This last paragraph is your closing remarks.  Key summaries and specifics you have not yet covered.  The closing remarks can center around the reasons this company, solution and/or service is so important.  Leave the reader excited about what they just read showing them why this is important.

Last sentence is a call to action – visit our website, contact us for more information, register here, download the paper here, etc.  Don’t forget to use your hyperlinks here and throughout please.

# # #

Your Boilerplate (About Company) goes here:
Insert your boilerplate.  Guidelines are 100 words (not too much more) and include contact information or a website as your last statement and Call to Action (CTA).