Videos, Webinars and White Papers: DE-CIX Academy provides valuable information for peering in practice

Frankfurt am Main, JULY 18. DE-CIX, the operator of the world’s largest Internet Exchange in Frankfurt am Main, has established a special training program for its customers and interested parties, in the form of the DE-CIX Academy. This is largely in the form of white papers and webinars that viewers can participate in live or watch as recordings at a later date. In addition, documentation is available for download in the form of handouts. Wolfgang Tremmel, Head of the DE-CIX Academy, is responsible for the training program. “Network specialists often have a very comprehensive theoretical knowledge when they graduate, but have not been able to gain any hands-on experience in the daily practice of routing between Internet providers. The same goes for experts who have been in charge of an Intranet, for example, and are now changing jobs. This is why the DE-CIX Academy was established,” said Tremmel, explaining the objectives of the DE-CIX Academy.

The webinars, which are offered in German and English, are comprised of a presentation and a practical section. The recordings of previous webinars can be found on the DE-CIX website, and the dates of future ones can be found here. Last year, for example, the focus was on topics related to Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) in practice, including: an introduction, BGP and IPv6, and BGP Security, among other topics. The most important information is summarized briefly on knowledge cards.

The DE-CIX Academy also provides materials for download, such as studies and articles on a variety of topics. The topics include information on peering and blackholing, technical guides for connecting to a range of cloud service providers, and market studies on the global telecommunication landscape


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