Type2Telecom Launches With the World’s Fastest Service Between Brazil and the New York-New Jersey Metro Markets

Company Offers a Guaranteed SLA on Latency Below 104ms and 99.9% Availability

ASBURY PARK, NJ – October 17, 2017 – Type2Telecom, a facilities-based, international licensed carrier launches with the world’s fastest network service between Sao Paulo, Brazil, and the New York and New Jersey metro markets.  The sub-104ms latency SLA on its point-to-point network offers 10mbps to 100mbps with a 99.9% Service Level Availability (SLA).

With this announcement, Type2Telecom becomes the fastest route between New York and Brazil, while also becoming the first provider to offer an SLA on the latency guarantee of less than 104ms.  Type2Telecom’s direct connection is fully protected and its diverse route measures latency below 104ms, enabling the company to deliver its guarantee on both latency and service availability.

“This has been in development for a while now, and it was important for us to launch the service with proven capabilities and robust redundancy, not only on the subsea network portion but for our terrestrial connectivity as well,” comments Joe Fitzgerald, Founder and CEO of Type2Telecom.  “Our service guarantees are able to be measured in real-time through our Customer Portal, which offers service mapping and monitoring.”

Type2Telecom’s network is ideal for latency sensitive applications such as financial trading, video, gaming and other high-bandwidth, latency sensitive services.  A key feature of this network route is the one price, one SLA guarantee for all customers.

For more information about this service, please contact us at +1-888-48-TYPE2 (+1-888-489-7732) or email T2T@imillerpr.com.

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About Type2Telecom                                                                                                          

Type2Telecom is a facilities based, international licensed carrier founded by Joe Fitzgerald in 2016. Type2Telecom provides consortium based telecom services and a marketplace for buyers to purchase network solutions based on their technical requirements. The company’s goal is to provide the power and possibilities for its customers to create custom end-to-end solutions that fit their unique needs. Type2Telecom has made it their mission to be the company that tears down the wall between providers and customers by delivering transparency on pricing and visibility to monitor its network services at all times.

For more information about Type2Telecom, please visit www.type2telecom.com.

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