Syntropy Announces the Launch of a New Windows Application to Provide Easy Access to their VPN Technology, and More

Santa Clara, CAJune 16, 2021Syntropy announces the launch of their new Windows Application which allows users to connect to personal, private VPN through their Windows devices. Syntropy’s solution leverages Wireguard VPN tunnel technology to provide a more secure and private online browsing experience, empowering users to take control of their own data.

Online privacy and security are of utmost importance for the most discerning users. Syntropy’s VPN solution assures users that their internet browsing will remain private and secure on their Windows device, a primary concern for the most discerning internet users. All connections that users make through Syntropy Stack’s VPN solution will be fully encrypted with Wireguard, the fastest and most modern VPN protocol today. VPN users can now surf the web without compromising performance or privacy.

“Commercial VPNs often don’t provide information about the encryption method implemented, and will sometimes even exploit users’ data,” says Co-Founder and CTO, Jonas Simanavicius. “Syntropy VPN provides transparency and allows the users to take control of their own data. It’s critical that VPN users understand the encryption methods used, what happens to their personal data, and overall how to maintain their privacy throughout navigating the web. This is why Syntropy is collaborating with developers to help our non-tech peers learn how to prioritize their privacy and manage their own VPN.”

To empower safe and secure Internet browsing leveraging Syntropy’s VPN solution, various tutorials are being prepared for both developers and non-technical users for guided, easy-to-follow, infrastructure deployments. Syntropy’s goal is to provide ongoing tutorial guides to help both technical and non-technical users step-by-step guides on how to set up a private VPN in different situations across various providers. The company continues to build a knowledge base that brings users through the technical aspects of running their own VPN, as well as educating users about privacy on the Internet.

For more information about Syntropy Stack and their VPN solution visit: To tap into Syntropy’s vast library of tutorials, click here.

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Syntropy transforms the public internet into a secure and user-centric internet, where encryption and optimized performance are built-in and automatically enabled for anything and everything connected to it. Syntropy is developed and managed by world-class network architects and software engineers, guided by a professional executive team, and supported by more than a dozen close partners, advisors, and activist investors.

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