Reliability, Security, and Dedicated Customer Service – VP of IT at Wilson Logistics Discusses His Customer Journey with Bluebird Underground

COLUMBIA, MO – September 29, 2021 – Bluebird Network, a communications infrastructure provider, utilizes their robust fiber network, two data centers and dedicated employees to keep businesses and organizations connected, while providing their clients with unparalleled  customer service. Bluebird understands the customer’s successes are the company’s successes, and they strive to help each customer succeed every day.

One such customer is Dan Brewer, Vice President of IT at Wilson Logistics – a family-owned trucking company founded in 1980, located in Springfield, MO. Recently, Dan voluntarily discussed the essential impact of the services his company receives from Bluebird’s fiber network and the Bluebird Underground Data Center, and why these services are imperative to his company’s day-to-day operations.

According to Brewer, “Wilson Logistics is a multi-line trucking company, about 1,000 trucks with seven facilities west of the Mississippi. Believe it or not, trucking involves a lot of analytics and data reporting. Without the data, everyone’s running blind, and we don’t have the ability to evaluate the analytics into our trucks.”

Brewer understands the value of a data center partner, having leveraged business colocation services since 2007. Wilson Logistics teamed up with Bluebird in 2019, largely in part to the facility’s reliability. Brewer continued, “I’ve worked with other data centers. But the reason I switched to Bluebird Underground was it was a little more of just a set it and forget it type data center. This is one aspect of our infrastructure that we, just quite frankly, don’t have to worry about.”

Brewer says Wilson Logistics uses more than just data center services: “We’re also using Bluebird’s broadband fiber services, not only in the data center, but also at some of our facilities. The best thing I like about Bluebird fiber is just the reliability. We have not seen downtime with that. And the performance has been beyond what we expected.”

Pivoting back to the data center, Brewer says, “One of the reasons I like Bluebird Underground so much is because here in the Midwest, we tend to have tornadoes and large storms. With this data center being underground, they can take stormy weather across the top, and it never affects any of our facilities or any of the runtime. After being in an underground facility and experiencing the comfort level when a storm rolls by, I cannot imagine having my equipment above ground ever again.”

Brewer also mentions that he continues to use the Bluebird Underground Data Center to house his infrastructure because of the space and diligent security. Brewer shared, “In the previous data center I used, all the customers were grouped together on one big data floor. Here, everything is divided up, so I don’t have nearly as many neighbors around me, which gives me a little more comfort of who’s walking by my data center equipment as they come and go.

Similarly, Brewer mentioned that for Bluebird Underground, “There’s not a single door that you don’t have to scan or have some kind of security measure or an alarm if you don’t do something right.”

While the data center’s technological benefits and physicality impress Brewer, he notes Bluebird’s customer service is wonderfully dedicated and willing to go the extra distance in providing him what his company needs, including accommodating Brewer for an after-hours data center request. He further explains by saying, “Reliability here at Bluebird is not just technical, it’s also the people running it are invested in what we’re doing.”

Brewer continues, “They connect the dots of if we’re successful, they’re successful. Even though they’re a world class facility, it’s still a personable group that truly cares about me and how they can  help grow our business.”

When it comes to growth, Brewer feels confident in Bluebird’s capabilities to keep pace  with his company. He goes on to say, “Wilson Logistics is one of the top 10 fastest growing companies in southwest Missouri. One of the things that gives us comfort is knowing that as fast as we grow and expand, Bluebird Underground is going to continue to provide us the services and accommodations that we need for that growth.”

In a concluding statement Brewer said, “So, if a peer or someone else that was in my position asked me why they should use Bluebird Underground, I would ask, why would you not?”

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