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The Company’s New Service Guides Investors to Successfully Navigate the Digital Transformation Sector

United Kingdom – June 25, 2019 –  Portman Partners, the leading Executive Search firm focused on C-level leadership and senior executive roles for firms within the data centre sector, today announces a new advisory service that will guide the infrastructure investor community by providing expert insight and bespoke advisory groups. This service will help investors build successful and stable long-term investment strategies in the data centre and communications infrastructure sphere.

In 2019, traditional infrastructure investors, as well as equity firms, venture capitalists and commercial real estate investors, are looking to diversify their portfolios and acquire long-term assets that are not aligned with economic downturns. As digital transformation becomes a driver across numerous sectors, investors are beginning to recognize the value and stability of data centre assets and are actively pursuing investment in the communications infrastructure and data centre industry. However, without proper support and expertise, navigating the investment process within this field can be difficult.

To guide investors and provide critical insights into geographies, infrastructure types, risks and beyond, Portman Partners is offering access to numerous experts worldwide with specific areas of expertise in digital transformation. The company’s advisory services will guide the investor community by providing insider intelligence on the digital transformation sector and an enhanced understanding of the communications infrastructure and data centre sector as part of a long-term growth strategy.

By leveraging global experts with specific knowledge of digital transformation and offering investors bespoke advisory boards and panels, Portman Partners’ advisory service enables infrastructure investors to stay abreast of the latest changes and become informed about how to effectively achieve success.

“As the world grows increasingly digitized and portfolios diversify, allying with a knowledgeable expert is paramount for seamless business strategy, investment protection and overall market success,” comments Peter Hannaford, founder of Portman Partners. “We provide expert services and advisory assistance, enabling investors to leverage the inside guidance they need to effectively keep pace with digital transformation, grow their portfolio successfully and garner the most possible value from their data centre assets.”

Portman Partners is a member of Datacenter People Group, a firm specializing in data centre and cloud recruitment and serving as a top source for businesses looking to build the team that will position their company for long-term success. Portman Partners’ advisors work with businesses to understand their needs and growth plans, aiding in the search and procurement of talent with critical skills, including executive management, sales, engineering, software and more, that can empower businesses into the future.

If you are interested in learning more about Portman Partners’ advisors or advisory panels, please contact peter.hannaford@portmanpartners.com or visit www.portmanpartners.com.

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