Conference Takes Place February 10-12, 2014

NANOGFREEMONT, CA, OCTOBER 28, 2013 – The North American Network Operator’s Group (NANOG) today announces that NANOG 60 will take place in Atlanta, GA.  The event is hosted by Telx.

NANOG meetings draw attendees from the core engineering and product staffs of the major North American carriers, content providers, hosting and cloud companies, multi-tenant data centers, and interconnection service providers.  The most recent meeting, held outside of Phoenix, AZ, set record numbers for the group with attendance exceeding nearly 700 people. 

The meeting program is set by the NANOG Program Committee, appointed by the elected Board of Directors, and is made up of professionals who engage peers to provide guidance and insight to help overcome industry challenges.   The Program Committee selects sessions that focus on large-scale backbone operations, ISP coordination, or technologies that are already deployed or soon to be deployed in core Internet backbones and exchange points.  Popular topics include traffic engineering, applications of new protocols, routing policy specification, queue management and congestion, routing scalability, caching, inter-provider security, and more.  Presentations submitted are peer- reviewed to ensure a topical discussion in a neutral, non-commercial format.

“NANOG is a non-profit, membership-driven organization,” comments Betty Burke, Executive Director of NANOG.  “Each of our meetings provides industry insights into the people that run our Internet infrastructure.  Our continued goal is to ensure relevant programming dedicated to enhancing and enriching the Internet throughout North America and the rest of the world.”

NANOG hosts three meetings a year to discuss all issues, large and small, as they relate to the performance, accessibility and evolution of the Internet.  Meetings are hosted and sponsored by community-minded companies.  NANOG 60 has limited sponsorship opportunities available.  To learn more, email

For more information about NANOG as well as membership, meetings and sponsorship opportunities, visit  

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NANOG is a community of industry experts that work together for the common good of the Internet.  In many ways, the NANOG community serves as the heart and soul of the Internet.  This close-knit group meets three times a year to discuss all issues, large and small, as they relate to the performance, accessibility and evolution of the Internet.  NANOG is dedicated to improving the Internet for all major sectors (public, private, education, and consumer) in all corners of the world.  NANOG is a non-profit organization and relies on sponsors to help with costs for its tri-annual conferences as well as managing ongoing communications.  Annual sponsors include Diamond Sponsors NTT Communications and VeriSign, Platinum Sponsors Google and Netflix, as well as Gold Comcast.  To learn more, visit


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