Illinois Rural HealthNet Retains INOC for Advanced NOC Support

Expert Network Configuration, Engineering and 24×7 NOC Support Enable Increased Bandwidth and Critical Operation of Dedicated Health Care Network 

INOCNORTHBROOK, IL, JULY 29, 2014INOC, a 24×7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and global provider of NOC monitoring, reporting and support services, announces that it has been selected by the Illinois Rural HealthNet (IRHN) to aid in the design and configuration, 24×7 NOC Support and engineering of its latest fiber-optic network upgrade.  The IRHN is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization of health care providers dedicated to deploying and maintaining a high-speed network to improve the connection and flow of vital information between rural hospitals and health care clinics in Illinois.

“With connectivity regarded as the nervous system of any hospital or health care facility, the health care sector is seeing rapid evolution and investment in broadband deployment,” says Roger L. Holloway, CEO and President of the Illinois Rural HealthNet.  “INOC serves as one of the technical experts, and is the system integrator and operating arm of the IRHN’s dedicated health IT network.  Their objectivity and knowledge of the IRHN proved invaluable during our latest network upgrade, and their role has been absolutely essential to the daily operation of our fiber backbone.”

Currently, there are more than 50 rural health care entities being linked to each other and to urban medical centers by way of the IRHN.  With the engineering and expert configuration support of INOC, the federally funded program is doubling the bandwidth speed of its 3,100-mile, fiber-optic network in order to provide a vital fiber link for an expanding community of health care providers, including rural mental health facilities, hospitals, clinics and practices, ambulatory care sites, acute care facilities, and more.  IRHN will also continue to leverage INOC’s 24×7 NOC support and real-time monitoring to ensure critical uptime for its newly upgraded dark fiber network, wireless network and other fiber-based services, allowing for the IRHN’s efficient transmission of electro-cardiograms, CT scanner files, digital mammography files, and other diagnostic information.

“INOC is committed to providing proven NOC solutions that enable IRHN to deliver better service across its network of health care providers, ultimately improving patient care outcomes and expanding broadband capabilities into rural Illinois,” adds Prasad Ravi, Chief Executive Officer of INOC.

A customer since 2009, IRHN leverages INOC for 24×7 monitoring of diverse network switches, troubleshooting and resolution of service disruptions and equipment failures, and fiber cuts.  Additionally, INOC mitigates carrier circuit issues, coordinates and dispatches field support, and communicates with health care facilities, vendors and fiber providers on IRHN’s behalf.

“With INOC, IRHN is able to offer health care providers a reliable, secure and high-performance network backed by 24×7 NOC support,” remarks Doug Power, IRHN Acting Project Coordinator.  “There are many NOCs in existence today, yet very few that can provide the breadth of services, engineering capabilities and technical expertise of INOC.”

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About INOC
INOC is a 24×7 NOC and global provider of outsourced NOC monitoring and reporting services for enterprises and carriers.  From a primary NOC in Madison, WI, and a Disaster Recovery NOC near Chicago, IL, INOC’s 24×7 staff provides a hands-on approach to incident resolution.  INOC proactively processes critical infrastructure support issues and delivers timely information to improve the uptime, availability and performance of applications, servers, and networks.  A client web portal, NOCVIEW4, provides extensive reporting capabilities and visibility into IT infrastructure monitoring and support activity in real-time.  INOC cost-effectively integrates 24×7 NOC support into a client’s existing operation to deliver greater uptime.  For more information on INOC and its services, send an email to or call +1-877-NOC-24X7 (+1-877-662-2497).  You will also find additional information on our website, INOC.COM, or by following INOC on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

About Illinois Rural HealthNet
The Illinois Rural HealthNet is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to the management of a statewide communications network exclusively for the use of health care providers, which can include hospitals, health clinics, mental health clinics, educational institutions, and medical specialists. Funded in part by the Rural Health Care Pilot Program of the Federal Communications Commission, the IRHN provides the high-speed connection that is necessary to improve access to medical applications for rural hospitals and clinics. The Board of Directors includes representation from Northern Illinois University, the State of Illinois, and the Illinois Critical Access Hospital Network, among others. The network itself consists of fiber optic cables and services that the IRHN has contracted for via the FCC/USAC procurement process. Daily management, operations, and maintenance is handled by INOC, a world-class Network Operations Center company. The IRHN Service Level Agreement matches or exceeds those of major telecommunications carriers.  For more details, visit

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