Host in Ireland Survey Offers Insight into Digital Asset Hosting Among the Irish IT Industry

Survey Results Illustrate Ireland’s Leading Capabilities to Host Digital Assets 

Host in IrelandDUBLIN, Ireland – October 15, 2014 – Host in Ireland, a marketing initiative created to drive interest in hosting digital assets in Ireland, recently conducted a survey of Irish IT professionals to determine which factors companies consider when selecting hosting locations. Of those surveyed, an 88% majority agreed that Ireland has the capabilities needed to host digital assets, while the remaining 12% of respondents disagreed.

Host in Ireland was created to provide the market a clear perspective of the value Ireland offers as a location to host data and other digital assets due to its strong public policy, people, pedigree, pipes and power (The 5Ps). Ireland’s 5Ps illustrate the country’s economic and political stability, global connectivity options, security and reliability as compared to other regions across the European Union.

The survey entitled, Digital Asset Hosting in Ireland, hosted by TechPro, Ireland’s IT magazine, reveal that an overwhelming 72% of IT professionals surveyed host digital assets in Ireland. More specifically, 46% use their own data centers, 27% use a combined strategy of onsite and offsite hosting and 24% host assets offsite only. 

“It is crucial to get an accurate view of where IT professionals consider potential locations for hosting and why,” said Garry Connolly, President, Host in Ireland. “There is change to be done to raise awareness of the policy advantages in Ireland. The current administration is already spearheading such a change, which was demonstrated by the latest political and regulatory appointments.”

Approximately 83% of those surveyed stated data backup was the primary reason hosted HII Survey organizationssolutions were used, followed by e-mail, website hosting, primary data and financial data. While more than sixty percent of those surveyed operate business-to-business (B2B) companies headquartered in Ireland, others represent UK-based businesses (12%) or have operations in both the U.S. and Europe (11%). A much smaller number of surveyed IT representatives – 15% – operate within a business-to-consumer (B2C) environment. 

Survey respondents who hosted digital assets elsewhere offered insights as to why other locations were preferred. While some respondents said someone else made the final location decision, 11% indicated regulatory issues were a factor and 7% said Ireland lacked capability. Approximately 41% needed more connectivity to consider Ireland while 27% wanted more programs and incentives within Ireland’s policy before making a commitment. The survey results provide the basis for a plan to educate IT professionals on the value of hosting in Ireland. 

“Ireland’s capabilities and technology far exceed current perceptions,” Connolly said. “So it is now a matter of educating companies on the remarkable benefits Ireland provides, which starts with this survey.”

The recent survey was a follow-up to Host in Ireland’s 2013 research report conducted by 451 Research entitled “Ireland a Highly Attractive Location for Hosting Digital Assets.” To see the report in full please visit:

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About Host in Ireland
Host in Ireland is an industry-led marketing initiative that provides timely and accurate information on the Ireland’s Digital Asset Hosting Ecosystem at all times including demonstrating why Ireland is more cost effective, efficient, reliable, secure and accessible than most other regions across the EU. There’s a reason companies like Microsoft, Zendesk, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Adobe and beyond have sought to host their solutions in as well as to/from Ireland. Many of these reasons are immediately realized due to access to affordable power, redundant network and bandwidth capacity along with a variety of data center providers that offer an array of services sustained by the 5 Ps: Policy, People, Pedigree, Pipes, and Power. On top of that is a very attractive business management structure, implemented by Ireland, which is keenly interested to bring new businesses into the market. Ireland supports this initiative through attractive fiscal structures, access to a skilled workforce and full support of the U.S. Safe Harbor and Patriot Acts – ensuring data asset compliance for companies large and small. For more information about Host in Ireland, visit

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