Hidalgo Communications is now Hidalgo & Co.

The new name, look and feel of Hidalgo & Co. reflects the strength of the overall team and a primary emphasis on partnership

Wayne, NJ – April 19, 2022 –  Hidalgo Communications, the first strategic relationship agency focused on the technology and telecommunications industries, announced today that it has completed a rebranding effort, becoming Hidalgo & Co. The company’s new name, Hidalgo & Co. represents the next evolution of the brand, reflecting the way the company operates, the team’s strengths, and who Hidalgo & Co. is fundamentally as a business today and in the future. More importantly, this brand evolution enables the organization to align and operate in line with their beliefs and primary emphasis – partnership.

Hidalgo & Co.’s holistic approach to partnership is paired with its deep expertise in products, providers, and pricing, enabling Hidalgo & Co. to design, build, and procure custom business and technology solutions involving network connectivity, cloud, data center and colocation services, cybersecurity and voice services for the enterprise. As a result, Hidalgo & Co. creates win-win partnerships that are defined by careful curation – not just looking at capability, but considering track record, vision, approach to business and life as a whole.

Anthony Hidalgo, President & CEO, said: “Hidalgo & Co. is the telecommunications industry’s first strategic partnership agency. We are defined by our partnerships and the power of our collective network of people, knowledge, and trust. To us, partnership is about connecting all types of industry participants – vendors, agents, and end-users, in a way that creates excess value for all parties.”

Shane Roybal, Executive Vice President, adds: “Our experience has shown that by keeping this focus on partnership, the outcome is a result in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. Our positioning as Hidalgo & Co. allows us to lean into our strengths and focus on where we excel to co-create value for the ecosystem as a whole.”

Craig Lam, Executive Vice President, continues: “As we move forward today, we are excited to add more partners to the Hidalgo & Co. ecosystem, to deepen our relationships both within and outside the industry, and to enable creation through both technological and human connectivity.”

For more information about Hidalgo & Co. visit: www.hidalgo-co.com

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About Hidalgo & Co.

Hidalgo & Co. is the first Telecommunications & Technology strategic relationships agency. The depth and breadth of our team’s collective network spans the entire telecommunications industry and beyond. We draw on a wide breadth of industry experience to assist in your selection and employment of cutting-edge technologies to accelerate your business’ digital transformation and drive long-term value creation. Our magic comes from our expertise in curation – who to unite at the right time, driven by the right WHY – to create lasting partnerships.

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