Global Capacity Enhances LATTIS, the De Facto Database of Local Tariff Rates

Tariff Pricing Tool Leverages Real-time Geocoding to Increase Accuracy and Optimize Customer Experience

Chicago, IL, USA, May 13, 2013Global Capacity, the leading network connectivity company, today announces the enhancement of LATTIS, the industry standard tariff pricing database, with real-time geocoding to deliver more efficient and accurate pricing of access network solutions. With more than 4,500 end-users, LATTIS is the premiere database for sourcing US-based, intra and inter-state access price quotes.

LATTIS has served as the go-to database for carriers and service providers to identify, establish and maintain tariff pricing across the U.S for over 20 years. The enhancement of real-time geocoding capabilities enables LATTIS to provide customers with a more efficient process for converting addresses, postal codes and other segmented location information into geographical coordinates of various business sites, including offices and datacenters. By streamlining the process of generating accurate tariff quotes, LATTIS dramatically reduces the time, effort and cost of identifying and sourcing access network solutions, providing a boost in efficiency for back-office operations of carriers, integrators and service providers around the world.

“LATTIS provides a one-stop solution for accurate US tariff pricing, eliminating the need for multiple systems and cumbersome manual processes,” says Ben Edmond, Chief Revenue Officer of Global Capacity. “Having an accurate understanding of tariff rates is the core foundation of access network pricing. Quickly and accurately calculating tariff rates allows service providers around the world to improve the time it takes to deliver quotes to customers, resulting in increased business wins and an improvement in overall client satisfaction.”

LATTIS subscriptions are licensed on a per-user basis and rates are updated monthly. The database’s latest geocoding enhancement is automatically available to all active subscription holders through the platform’s monthly update. To learn more about LATTIS, visit

Subscribe to LATTIS at the ITW 2013 conference and receive a 12-month promotional, multi-user U.S. national tariff pricing license. To learn more, meet with Global Capacity in Chicago, IL from May 13-15 in the Toronto Room, located on the Gold Level of the Hyatt Regency’s West Tower.

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