Electronic Environments Corporation Issues Position Paper Offering Best Practices to Ensure Data Center Uptime, Efficiency and Performance

Key Considerations before Beginning a New Data Center Project” Provides Insights for Building a Data Center Right – from the Start 

EEC LogoMARLBOROUGH, MA August 26, 2014 Electronic Environments Corporation (EEC), a leader in mission critical facility management for almost three decades, issued a position paper, ‘Key Considerations before Beginning a New Data Center Project, written by EEC’s President of Mission Critical Construction Services, Kevin O’Brien. Emphasizing the importance of designing data centers more efficiently for ease of installation, growth anticipation, serviceability, flexibility and taking into consideration the entire cost of its design, data center project managers can avoid many issues, both common and complex, by simply following key guidelines outlined in the paper.

In the paper, O’Brien states: “Too often, customers seeking support for new facility projects find themselves being told their sites require significant additional work to service equipment or adapt to necessary expansion efforts.  These unfortunate situations can often be avoided through operational foresight during the planning and design phases, as well as proactive, up-front investment.”

Data centers and mission-critical facilities spend the bulk of their lifecycle in the operation and maintenance (O&M) phase of datacenter upkeep, leaving only a very small fraction of their time spent on the design and planning stages. Answers to key questions such as: “What is needed?” – Provides a forward-thinking view; Also, “What it is going to be and who it will service today and tomorrow?” can addressed through a comprehensive and calculated O&M plan.  During the beginning stages of development, project managers can proactively avoid many issues, both common and complex, ensuring optimum uptime, efficiency and performance, while eliminating unnecessary expenses throughout the entire lifecycle of the facility.

Boasting over 28 years of leadership and success in mission critical facility design and management, EEC assists customers in overcoming all challenges with comprehensive, integrated facility services through its new Mission Critical Construction Services Division.  EEC enables customers to reach their target and optimal Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and Service Level Agreement (SLA) objectives, leveraging a unique offering of solutions and services across five categories: planning, design management, construction, operations and maintenance as well as assessments.

To download EEC’s position paper, “Key Considerations before Beginning a New Data Center Project”, please visit http://www.eecnet.com/key-considerations-before-beginning-a-new-data-center-project/.

For more information about Electronic Environments Corporation, visit www.eecnet.com.

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