DE-CIX New York Consistently Exceeds 1 Terabit of Peak Data Traffic

The market’s leading IX now interconnected with DE-CIX IXs in Chicago, Dallas and Richmond

NEW YORK, February 1, 2022DE-CIX New York, the largest carrier and data center-neutral Internet Exchange (IX) and Open-IX certified Internet Exchange (IX) in New York, announces it is now consistently exceeding 1 Terabit per second (Tbps) peak traffic across its NY/NJ Internet Exchange platform. This announcement is on the heels of the company’s 2021 traffic results, reporting 38 exabytes of data were exchanged across the global DE-CIX Internet Exchanges[1] last year. 38 exabytes is equivalent to the storage capacity of more than 300 million smartphones, each with 128 GB of storage space, or the data volume consumed by the population of a small city if every inhabitant where to spend their entire life watching a video stream in HD quality.

DE-CIX New York, which provides access to more than 250 networks, is currently interconnected with three other DE-CIX IXs across North America, these being Chicago, Dallas, and Richmond, with Phoenix being ready for service by the end of Q1 2022. Furthermore, all of the North American IXs have access to DE-CIX’s global platform (GlobePEER Remote), offering extended reach to over 2000 global networks. Each market provides multi-service interconnection solutions enabling peering (GlobePEER), cloud access (DirectCLOUD), Microsoft Azure Peering Service (MAPS), and various private interconnection solutions including VirtualPNI and Closed User Group connectivity options.

“Neutrality and an open access model is a key contributor to our success, not just in New York but globally,” comments Ed d’Agostino, VP and General Manager of DE-CIX North America. “By partnering with data center and transport network operators, not only are we able to extend access to our platform – now having the most points of presence of any IX throughout the greater New York/New Jersey markets – but also regional networks can readily connect.”

DE-CIX New York customers gain access to local peering solutions, content and cloud providers, and private VLAN solutions through a single port. Leveraging virtual connections, connected networks can reach any other network connected in the local market. Furthermore, access to DE-CIX platforms in Chicago, Dallas and Richmond, Virginia is also available, providing seamless reach to an additional 175+ networks in North America. DE-CIX’s GlobePEER Remote capabilities provide even further reach, to DE-CIX platforms Internationally – where customers can reach over 2,400 networks through a single connection.

Launched in late 2014, DE-CIX New York has achieved the leading position in the market, enabling access from Long Island, throughout Manhattan and from Southern New Jersey and in between. Customers can choose to connect to DE-CIX from more than 30 data center locations including 1025 Old Westbury Road on Long Island, 165 Halsey in Newark, as well as multiple locations in Edison, Piscataway, and Secaucus, New Jersey. Connectivity throughout Manhattan is available from nearly all of the major carrier hotels, including 60 Hudson Street, 32 Avenue of the Americas, 111 Eighth Avenue, 325 Hudson, and beyond.

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About DE-CIX North America

DE-CIX North America Inc., established in 2013, is a wholly owned subsidiary of DE-CIX International AG, the international arm of DE-CIX, the world’s leading Internet Exchange operator. Together, the DE-CIX Internet Exchanges in New York, Dallas, Chicago, Richmond and Phoenix create the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in North America. DE-CIX is providing network and data-neutral peering and interconnection services in North America. With access to DE-CIX North America’s Internet Exchanges, customers gain more control of their networks and access to world-class content providers, as well as IP transit, Virtual Private Network (VPN) and Blackholing services to mitigate the effects of DDoS attacks.

DE-CIX New York is the 5th largest Internet Exchange in the US, is carrier and data center-neutral and is Open-IX certified. The IX platform is distributed across major carrier hotels and data centers throughout each metro region it serves. DE-CIX operates more access points than any other Internet Exchange in North America.

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About DE-CIX

DE-CIX (German Commercial Internet Exchange) is the world’s leading operator of Internet Exchanges. In total, in its 32 locations in Europe, North America, the Middle East, and Asia, DE-CIX interconnects close to 2500 network operators (carriers), Internet service providers (ISPs), content providers, and enterprise networks from more than 100 countries, offering peering, cloud, and interconnection services. The combined connected customer capacity of all DE-CIX locations worldwide exceeds 90 Terabits, making it the largest neutral interconnection ecosystem in the world. DE-CIX in Frankfurt, Germany, with a data throughput of more than 10 Terabits per second (Tbps) and over 1000 connected networks, is one of the largest Internet Exchanges in the world.

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[1]  DE-CIX sites fully owned and operated by DE-CIX – excluding partner sites