DE-CIX Expands GlobePEER Remote Service to Palermo and Increases Multiple-Site Interconnection

Frankfurt Main (Germany), Palermo (Italy), 16 September 2019. The world’s leading Internet Exchange operator DE-CIX has extended its GlobePEER Remote Service to DE-CIX Palermo. From Q4 2019 on, DE-CIX Palermo customers can use their existing access locally to peer remotely at other DE-CIX locations. So far, the DE-CIX platforms in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dusseldorf, New York, Marseille, and Istanbul are interconnected – adding Palermo as a next step.

This offers networks in northern Africa – as well as local ISPs in Italy – easy access to a wide range of networks, as connecting to GlobePEER Remote in Palermo brings them directly to the world’s leading Internet Exchange, DE-CIX Frankfurt.

IP traffic is expected to triple worldwide by 2021, and Africa, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific have the strongest traffic growth rates. DE-CIX Palermo is situated just 5 – 15ms from North Africa, offering access and the lowest latency path to African, Middle Eastern and Asian markets via multiple and diverse submarine cable systems.

Most of the cable landing stations in Sicily are connected to DE-CIX Palermo enabled site Sicily Hub and a wide range of carriers are currently available. In addition, Sicily Hub is served by the TI Sparkle tier 1-grade IP Transit service, Seabone.

Launched initially in 2016 between Frankfurt and New York, the GlobePEER Remote service was then progressively expanded to include further locations, resulting in accelerating growth for the service and a fourfold increase in customer demand in the past year.

More information regarding GlobePEER Remote can be found here.

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