BeLuvv LogoOngoing Product Modifications & Expanding User Network Enhance Global Child Safety

TAIPEI, TaiwanDecember 30, 2013 – BeLuvv, a Taiwanese creative firm, today announces the continuation of its crowdfunding effort for its Guardian device on HWTrek (Hardware Trek), a community for digital electronics.  The new funding will be used to support ongoing marketing efforts with the intent of raising awareness of missing children and demonstrating how Guardian technology can be used to curb child abduction.

The Guardian is a wearable, Bluetooth-enabled security device that links to a cloud-based safety network.  Parents can now easily track the whereabouts of children anytime, anywhere leveraging a free application downloaded onto their iOS devices.  With features such as safety alerts, family co-guarding, emergency search and the expanding global Guardian network, the device continues to build on BeLuvv’s goal of making the world a safer place.

“This fundraising effort is focused on raising awareness of child abduction as well as the continuous improvement and expansion of the Guardian community,” says Johnny Fang, CEO of BeLuvv.  “By increasing visibility and expanding the device’s cloud-based safety network, we are able to create a more impervious and accurate system, thereby enabling us to enhance child safety.”

BeLuvv have pledged to give away one Guardian device to a low-income, needy family for every two devices that are purchased.  The company has set a long-term goal of donating eight million devices, which corresponds to the number of children that go missing every year.  Most recently, BeLuvv provided help and peace of mind to a U.S. family in need that was raising a son with Down syndrome.  When door alarms proved unreliable in stopping the child from leaving the home, Guardian solved the issue by providing the child’s parents with alerts when he left the allocated safety perimeter, as well as the real-time location of his whereabouts anytime, anywhere.

“HWTrek has always been a proud advocate of innovative ideas,” adds Lucas Wang, CEO, HWTrek.  “Supporting a consumer-centric organization like BeLuvv and the Guardian has given us the opportunity to leverage our knowledge and industry connections in supporting a vital and highly necessary global cause.”

Guardian is available for funding on HWTrek through Thursday, January 2, 2014 at 6:09 PM PT.  To back Guardian, please click here.

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