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Introducing Link5G
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The smarter smartpole is finally here

ZenFi Networks is proud to debut Link5G, a revolutionary multi-tenant, multi-service siting solution designed to bridge the digital divide and accelerate deployment of 5G across NYC! Link5G is an innovative digital communication kiosk designed to accelerate the build out of mobile networks across New York City. Wireless carriers and neutral hosts can leverage small cell siting, offload and roaming across the expanding LinkNYC footprint to extend coverage and add capacity on their networks. Designed in close collaboration with CityBridge, Comptek Technologies, and Antenna Designs, Link5G sets the new standard for wireless infrastructure across the U.S.

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  • Five independent, band specific RF transparent bays to house antennas and integrated radios
  • Unique shroud geometry to allow freedom of Azimuth – maximizing mmWave coverage
  • Four secure, conditioned in-pole equipment bays
  • Internal support structure with divided cable chases
  • Innovative power & cooling solutions to support current and future radio needs
  • Offload & roaming across outdoor Wi-Fi network
  • Connection to power & ZenFi Networks digital infrastructure including:
    • Dark fiber
    • Ethernet
    • Network edge colocation facilities

Link5G has been approved by the City of New York and deployment is underway. ZenFi Networks offers colocation and built-to-suit greenfield opportunities across the ever expanding LinkNYC footprint. Link5G offers Mobile Network Operators and Mobile Virtual Network Operators a new way to improve connectivity for their customers. Link5G is integrated into ZenFi Networks’ uniquely accessible digital infrastructure including fronthaul fiber and network edge colocation, further expanding the wireless solutions available to its customers.

Learn more about small cell siting, offload & roaming, or private networks.

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Learn more about our partners and the LinkNYC program

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“Link5G is the product of a nearly two year design process with thousands of hours of engineering and collaboration with our partners. Every inch of the structure was designed with the mobile carrier in mind. We are thrilled to bring the largest multi-tenant, multi-technology colocation structure in the US to the streets of NYC and to expand the LinkNYC program equitably across the City.”

— Ray LaChance