PacketFabric Brings Its Highly Scalable Next-Gen Networking to the Edge

PacketFabric recently partnered with EdgeConneX® to deploy its highly scalable network-as-a-service platform across several EdgeConneX Edge Data Centers® (EDCs) in North America. Customers are now able to provision real-time connectivity between multiple carrier-neutral colocation facilities through the PacketFabric SDN-based platform, enabling terabit-scale network capacity delivered in seconds. This instant, on-demand connectivity enabled by PacketFabric is helping redefine how companies are procuring, consuming, and managing their network connectivity services.

With the explosion of network bandwidth needs, these high capacity, real-time connectivity options are becoming more important every day. Cloud networking requirements play a significant role in fueling this ever-increasing demand for scalable network services. By using PacketFabric’s innovative next-gen architecture, customers can quickly and easily procure and maintain terabit-scale network services instantly, which eliminates the need to deploy and manage costly infrastructure through traditional carrier services, or alternatively, rely on public internet access.

Why is this important to EdgeConneX customers? First, PacketFabric’s on-demand and unique “pay-for-what-you-use” billing model is a welcome alternative to traditional carrier service models for layer-2 transport services. They combine the redundancy of diverse fiber path transport with the resiliency of a packet switched network to deliver 1GbE, 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE connectivity options. Customers can keep service commitments flexible with month-to-month billing options, or can save with longer term commitments.

Secondly, EdgeConneX customers can instantly provision highly scalable network connectivity between two or more points across PacketFabric’s private network. PacketFabric delivers this terabit-scale network capacity in seconds by utilizing the latest switching technologies and architectures. Its unique network is designed to scale a virtualized layer-2 network application across tens of thousands of nodes, supporting tens of millions of network connections, and deliver terabits of capacity to each end-point.

Lastly, PacketFabric offers full visibility and control over network services provisioned by offering an efficient online User Interface (UI), making it simple for customers to turn up, turn down, and scale connectivity as their network demands change. In addition, PacketFabric offers an advanced Application Program Interface (API) to its platform, which enables deep integration with existing customer service management platforms. Leveraging these API capabilities provides access to real-time visibility and control over network traffic and services, ensuring consistent and reliable performance.

Initial PacketFabric deployments with EdgeConneX include Portland, Phoenix, Minneapolis, and Santa Clara Edge Data Centers, with additional markets launching in 2018.

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