Megaport Is Taking Its Elastic Interconnection and
Multi-Cloud Access to the Edge

Megaport is deploying its Elastic Interconnection solution across the EdgeConneX® footprint. This means that customers in markets such as Portland, Phoenix, Houston and other local EdgeConneX peering hubs can now have secure, local access to all of the leading cloud providers.  


Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Oracle, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba and other leading cloud providers are now accessible with a simple cross-connect from within EdgeConneX data centers.  Moreover, once you’re on the Megaport fabric, you can provision connections to any endpoint in less than a minute.


With the rapid adoption of cloud computing, which IDC predicts will increase from $67 billion two years ago to $162 billion in 2020 at a CAGR of 19 percent, some of the major challenges for enterprises limiting their widespread adoption include security, application performance and diversity of provider choice. By collaborating to bring Megaport’s multi-cloud access solution to the Edge, all those impediments are overcome.  


First, with Megaport’s SDN-based private solution capabilities, customers are no longer accessing the cloud via the public internet, but instead have dedicated access to the cloud of their choice. Secondly, with the availability of all the leading cloud service providers via a simple cross-connect, customers can pick and choose which cloud is best for which application and dynamically change those clouds if circumstances require. That flexibility and choice is extremely valuable for CIOs as part of their migration journey to the cloud.


Lastly, performance is paramount when you move applications to the cloud that once sat on premise. The expectation is that those applications will work just as well and not suffer from any performance issues due to latency issues. At the Edge and in secondary markets, this is more of a challenge, particularly if you are using the public internet to access the cloud. By bringing a dedicated, private access solution in close proximity to an enterprise’s own location, performance can be guaranteed and CIOs can have peace of mind. In a recent study by Cedexis, it was shown that the response time improves 50-85% for users who bypass the public Internet, opting for direct cloud access via Megaport from an EdgeConneX Edge Data Center® (EDC).


To date, Megaport has deployed in Edge Data Centers in Portland, Phoenix, Boston, Houston, and Santa Clara. It will be expanding to San Diego next month and eventually into several additional markets by end of Q1 2018.


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