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Interview with Mark H. Parr President & CEO,Bandwidth Logic
• What was the most exciting BW Logic announcement in 2014?

2014 was a successful year for Bandwidth Logic, marked by momentous achievements and strategic business wins. One milestone accomplishment was when we were awarded the contract to design a wireless network, a neutral host for the Seattle Link Light Rail system. In late 2014, we launched a successful pilot in a section of the subway system’s tunnels. Today, we’re excited to announce that the design is complete and construction of the wireless network will begin in the next four weeks.

• What’s new and exciting on the horizon?

Bandwidth Logic is growing rapidly. We are currently in the midst of finalizing several exciting new business ventures, including projects with both a large New York City-based entity as well as Midwestern University. We’re also excited to be partnering with ZenFi on a deep-rooted base station hoteling and All-Access Network concept that with their help, is finally being brought into fruition. New consumer demands, competitive fiber pricing and high-performance optical network solutions are causing today’s carriers to take notice of the cost savings offered by this approach.

• What’s the latest chatter in the industry?

The latest chatter involves today’s mounting consumer demands for ubiquitous connectivity and rapidly growing mobile traffic. The Wi-Fi players believe that their technology will be the answer to this pressing challenge. Heterogeneous networks (HetNet) believe their solutions will come out on top. Their sentiment is also shared by Small cell and Distributed Antenna System (DAS) providers. In my opinion, these competing technologies all serve a niche purpose in the market and will have to develop strategies to effectively work together in order to overcome imminent mobile growth.

• Who is an important player in the space according to you?

Innovative companies that look beyond the existing and expected and implement disruptive technologies and infrastructures to handle the massive growth of mobile traffic will undoubtedly lead the charge for the future of wireless. The neighborhood network and colocation infrastructure model that we are now seeing in the industry is just one example of these innovative approaches. All industry players in this growing market will ultimately prove instrumental in driving continued innovation and connectivity. It is the onset of these new technologies that is changing the ways we imagine, conceptualize and architect systems.

• Who should we tap into for our next issue and why?

Mobility is the fourth utility. In order to satisfy the wireless demands of tenants, large real estate investment trusts (REITs) that own commercial and residential properties such as the Durst organization in New York are bringing in their own integrators to integrate DAS into their buildings. I believe that obtaining the perspective of a representative from a large REIT and his or her thoughts on solving mobile solution and wireless challenges in their buildings would be interesting to ZenFi’s newsletter readers

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