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Daniel Highet

Director of Content

“iMPR works to discover, shape and enrich an organization’s core brand. We then activate a dynamic suite of communications and activities that effectively connects its product and service offerings to the needs of their target customers, partners, prospects, and key stakeholders.”

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Daniel Freedman

Vice-President of Operations

“The amazingly talented iMPR team brings a wealth of diverse experience to the table to go the extra mile for clients.”

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Amy Sesol

Event Producer

“With a team-based environment, iMPR utilizes our collaborative strengths to produce the best results possible – whether it’s strategic communication, marketing or event planning; our firm works together
to exceed client expectations.”

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 Jennifer Handshew

Media Relations Consultant

“By utilizing a creative and strategic approach, the iMPR team has a proven track record in effectively communicating to clients’ key target audiences — taking companies to the next level.”

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Jennifer Strame

Affiliate Marketing Manager

“Leave it to the experts! iMPR takes the headache out of managing your PR and marketing initiatives, serving as your trusted partner and allowing you to focus on your core capabilities as a business.”

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Laura Sperandeo

Strategic Account Manager

“iMPR is a team of individuals that work well together to strive
and exceed the client’s expectations.”

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Laura Noland

Strategic Account Manager


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 Andria Jansen

Strategic Account Manager


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Blair Miller

Strategic Account Manager


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 Sarah Marsden

Social Media Manager

“iMPR is committed to staying on the cutting edge of industry trends and PR & marketing initiatives. Our clients business is our business and I’m proud to be a part of such a dedicated team.”

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Kaleigh Farmer

Event Marketing Manager

“iMPR’s leverages a team of diverse strengths to produce world-class results in marketing, strategic communications and full-scale event management.”

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 Lynn Lochow

Project Manager


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Eileen Bonasia

Finance Manager


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 Laurie Samper

Technical Writer and Designer

“At iMiller Public Relations, we combine proven expertise with ingenuity to bring original, thoughtful and highly effective solutions to enhance your organization.”

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Kwan Fai Cheng

Digital Marketing Associate

“iMPR is a solid-built PR firm with an amazing team. Blending precision, innovation, and strategy, the iMPR team elevates our clients, our industry and our company through every challenge and every success.”

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 Jon Argiropoulos

Digital Marketing Associate

“What sets iMPR apart from all other telecom and technology PR firms is its ability to integrate strategic communications, insightful marketing consulting, effective media relations, and seamless event management and promotion. iMPR exemplifies a standard of excellence toward which all PR should aspire.”

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Kathy Xu

Media Relations Associate

“iMPR has its pulse on all things technology and telecommunications, with a deep understanding of public relations and marketing. Through this expertise, we build clients’ brand and presence through the media,
social, digital and events ecospheres.”

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 Joy Kurtz

Marketing Associate


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Jessica Barone

Social Media Content Creator

“The iMPR team’s unique ability to combine industry expertise & creativity with the latest innovations in strategic marketing enables clients to engage audiences & propel their brand forward in the marketing and public relations sphere.”

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 Meghan Gallagher

Administrative Support

“From knowledge of the industry to analytical skills, the iMPR team is here to make the marketing and public relations process easy for you.”

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Stephanie Callino

Social Media Marketing Intern


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 Joshua Dawson

Social Media Content Creator


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Who we Are

Understanding the industries that serve our clients is at the foundation of iMPR.  Enhancing relationships and fostering community development, the firm represents industry-leading companies and associations including NANOG, OPEN-IX Association and the Northeast DAS & Small Cell Association.  Additionally, to meet the strategic need of its clients, iMPR maintains strategic memberships and affiliations with leading organizations such as the PRSA, Pacific Telecommunications Council, New Jersey Tech Council, Greater New York Chamber of Commerce, Internet Infrastructure Coalition, and more.  

Demonstrating years of expertise in advertising content and design as well as strategic media buying, iMPR serves as the Advertising Director for Beka Publishing’s online and print magazine properties including: ChannelVision, GlobalVision and Inside/Outdoor.  

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Global Reach

iMPR represents numerous international and domestic companies. The firm possesses proven experience in the development of strategic marketing messages that penetrate markets both stateside and abroad, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and North America.