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February 2015 Edition
From the CEO

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New Webair Domain Panel

DomainPal, The easiest way to manage your domains!

At Webair we stride to ensure our customers satisfaction with our ability to innovate and create great interfaces. From the ease of use of our EzPanel to the ability to create even better experiences with our CDN portal. Today, Webair continues to innovate on our interfaces, with the new and improved Domain Control Panel, is fully operated and owned by Webair Internet Development. 

Domain Pal offers a wide variety of new features such as :
    - 3 Step Check-Out Process
    - New Functionality for Multiple TLD Check Availability
    - New FAQ Section for every product we offer

And so much more! Existing Clients do not need to make a new account, your old username and passwords will work just fine!

Contact our sales team with any questions you may have!

Webair Kicks-Off the New Year with a Website Redesign and EZPanel Enhancement

We’ve debuted our latest developments – a completely re-designed website and recent enhancement of our EZPanel customer portal. The recent advances exemplify Webair’s ability to tailor our services to customer’s unique needs, striking a balance between fully managed solutions for enterprises and SMBs, and more customer control via EZPanel’s self-provisioning capabilities.

The streamlined website makes it easier than ever for our customers to access EZPanel, instantly sign up for accounts and start self-provisioning enterprise VMWare® Public Cloud instances, Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Bare Metal servers, Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Colocation. <Read More>

In This Issue:
New Webair Domain Panel
New & Improved Webair CDN
Webair In The News
Shell Shock Vulnerability
Keeping your traffic flowing!
Webair In The News

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Shell Shock Vulnerability

Webair takes security very seriously. Securing your data is our #1 priority. Rest assured if you are on Webair's Managed Platform this bash vulnerability has been patched across all of your servers. We have also went ahead and put other security measures in place to ensure your web server is />

Keep your traffic flowing!

Keeping websites, servers, and networks online is our core competency. Each day, Webair is on the front lines defending our clients against massive, complex DDoS attacks in order to ensure complete availability of our networks. From routine requirements to emergencies, Webair's DDoS mitigation technology will give you a peace of mind that your websites are safe at all times.

Send us an e-mail for more information.

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