The Cloud serves a handful of markets effectively – the rest are riddled with latency, degraded security and rely on complex network infrastructure. That’s because most markets don’t have local Cloud on-ramps for the region’s enterprises. With 25 US Markets, expansion in Europe underway and direct access to millions of consumers and enterprises – we’ve changed the game globally by making the Cloud more secure, more accessible and more affordable.

“Gartner believes the topology of networked data centers will push over the next five years from a centralized, mega data center approach, to one augmented by multiple, smaller, distributed sources and sinks of content and information.” — BOB GILL, RESEARCH DIRECTOR, GARTNER

“With the explosive growth of mobile, social, Cloud and big data, an enterprise data center strategy needs to evolve from merely housing servers to becoming the foundation for new data-driven business models.” — DAN VESSET, GROUP VP, ANALYTICS AND INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, IDC

“When everything from cars and drones to video cameras and home appliances are transmitting enormous amounts of data from trillions of sensors, network traffic will grow exponentially. When that happens, realtime services that require split-second response times or location-awareness for accurate decision-making will need to be deployed closer to the edge to be useful.” — STEVE TOBAK, FOX BUSINESS


Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst at ZK Research, has identified 7 key criteria for defining Edge Data Centers®:

      1. Serves more than 50% of the broadband eyeballs locally
      2. Serves 75% of the local Internet usage
      3. A shift in peering traffic from the core to the new metro
      4. Measurable cost and performance benefits
      5. Delivers a richer media experience
      6. Improved security
      7. Will be a Tier 3, N+1 data center

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