The Cloud is Broken, But EdgeConneX® Fixed Boston!

It’s amazing to think that a top-five enterprise market like Boston relied on Cloud solutions hundreds of miles away for critical IT infrastructure. That’s because Boston, like many markets, lacked a local Cloud on-ramp for the region’s enterprises. EdgeConneX has changed all of that by enabling Boston area enterprises to connect directly to the Cloud using local on-ramps.

Our Edge Data Center® in Boston features a robust Cloud ecosystem that includes MASS IX, Comcast, Datapipe, Megaport, Observable Networks and ScienceLogic, to name just a few. EdgeConneX is changing the U.S. infrastructure, serving 24 U.S. markets, along with several markets underway across Europe. We make direct access to the Cloud possible for millions. EdgeConneX is changing the game globally by going local, making the Cloud more secure, more accessible and more affordable.

We’re fixing the Cloud city-by-city, where do you want to be?

Learn how EdgeConneX fixed the Cloud in Boston.