To enable the advanced technologies that make up a smart city, a superior level of connectivity is not only advantageous but essential. Colocation data centers located in the heart of these smart cities are making this level of connectivity possible by providing:
  • Low Latency Interconnectivity
  • Resilient Infrastructure to Securely House Critical Data
  • Scalable Capacity for Future Growth
Enterprises as well as telecom providers should prepare for the sheer amount of data traffic that will be generated by a fully-developed smart city. Gartner predicts that 9.7 billion IoT-enabled devices will be used in smart cities by the year 2020, rising from just 1.1 billion two years ago.

To help stakeholders better understand smart city development and the proliferation of IoT, Telehouse has published a white paper, “Smart Cities: How Data Centers Are Enabling the Metropolises of Tomorrow.”

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