Meet Serverfarm at HostingCon 2017

Meet with Serverfarm at #HostingCon and learn about our company’s mission to maximize data center and IT infrastructure efficiencies by providing a holistic approach to building, integrating and managing data center environments and IT deployments.


Mark Your Calendar:

David Eastman, VP InCommand Services at Serverfarm, will be speaking on Successful Organizational Structures for Effective Data Center Management.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017 | 2:30-3:20pm
Room: 409AB | Session Number: TT6

Rising costs and shrinking budgets are driving enterprises to place greater demands on data center management teams, but organizational structures and tools are slow to change making targets difficult, if not impossible, to meet. For example, enterprises are requesting more accurate IT asset lists including asset ages, ownership and costs to operate. They want to know space, power, cooling and network utilization rates in order to understand trends in space and power utilization, change activity, and troubleshooting. Why? They need to justify current budgets and plan future migration, colocation and cloud strategies and budgets. This session discusses new organizational models and the tool sets needed to meet the ever increasing list of enterprise demands.