As a former subscriber to the LIPPIS REPORT — I’d like to invite you to join ONUG — the only user-driven community of its kind. Together we serve as the collective voice for vendor-neutral digital transformation. Join top enterprise technology leaders as we:

Explore strategic challenges/solutions facing Global 2000 firms.

Provide peer-to-peer access for designing/building/securing and managing tomorrow’s infrastructure.

Drive supplier/vendor product development investment and initiatives — based on ONUG Community directives — including open, standards-based, software-defined and cloud solutions.

Expand the technical breadth/access that will globally impact technology across all categories of business, and more.

I look forward to having you as an ONUG Community Member. There’s no cost to register.

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ONUG is the only organization composed of senior-level IT exectuives from Global 2000 firms, dedicated to IT leadership networking and community building.

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Since 2012, ONUG is the only user-driven community of its kind, serving as a powerful digital transformational body — comprised of unbiased, independent, top enterprise technology leaders, who collaborate to:

Foster the exploration of strategic challenges/solutions facing world-class organization technology leaders.

Provision peer-to-peer access on all approaches regarding the design/build/security/management of tomorrow’s infrastructure.

Drive Supplier product development investment and initiatives — based on community directives that include open, standards-based, software defined and cloud native solutions.

Expand the technical breadth/access to globally impact enterprise technology in all business categories.

Serve as the collective voice of digital enterprise executives — and more.

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Front and center at ONUG Fall 2019 will be reference solutions to the most common digital transformation problems within the Global 2000 and its underpinning technologies.

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Fall 2019 Conference
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