Dear [enter name here],

Please join us for two upcoming webinars on MEF's LSO Innovations Platform:

LSO Innovations Platform for Rapidly Introducing New Network Functionality

MEF's LSO Innovation Platform is a valuable tool for technology providers to develop and test both service orchestration functionality and business applications incrementally. Traditionally, service orchestration and business applications have been the domain of monolithic OSS/BSS systems that precluded the rapid introduction of new functionality. The MEF's LSO Innovation Platform upends that approach and enables any best-of-breed analytics, assurance, control, fulfillment, performance, policy, security and usage functionality to be rapidly introduced into service provider environments. This webinar will provide a business-oriented explanation of the LSO Innovation Platform and explain its importance to service providers as well as large and small technology providers in the telecom and cloud services market.

We look forward to your participation.

Mary Hecht-Kissell
Senior Manager Marketing Programs & Members Support, MEF


  • Daniel Bar-Lev, Director of Strategic Programs, MEF
  • Sarit Target, Vice President of Research & Development, SDN, LSO, Apps, ECI Telecom

Date: January 1, 2015
Time: 2 PM