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Please join us for two upcoming webinars on MEF's LSO Innovations Platform:

LSO Innovations Platform for Rapidly Introducing New Network Functionality

MEF's LSO Innovation Platform is a valuable tool for technology providers to develop and test both service orchestration functionality and business applications incrementally. Traditionally, service orchestration and business applications have been the domain of monolithic OSS/BSS systems that precluded the rapid introduction of new functionality. The MEF's LSO Innovation Platform upends that approach and enables any best-of-breed analytics, assurance, control, fulfillment, performance, policy, security and usage functionality to be rapidly introduced into service provider environments. This webinar will provide a business-oriented explanation of the LSO Innovation Platform and explain its importance to service providers as well as large and small technology providers in the telecom and cloud services market.


  • Daniel Bar-Lev, Director of Strategic Programs, MEF
  • Sarit Target, Vice President of Research & Development, SDN, LSO, Apps, ECI Telecom

Date: January 1, 2015
Time: 2 PM


We look forward to your participation.

Mary Hecht-Kissell
Senior Manager Marketing Programs & Members Support, MEF