June 24 - 26, 2019
Booth #HA-E1080 in the Centennial Ballroom
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Meet with DCConnect to learn how we can help you provide your customers with innovative and agile global cloud connectivity solutions in China.

As network innovators, DCConnect enables companies to unburden themselves from operational restrictions and constraints associated with traditional telecom services. DCConnect provides companies access to Cloud solutions and Data Centers throughout Asia with On-Demand, agile and cost-effective network solutions.

Meet DCConnect at ITW 2019

Visit DCConnect's at Booth #HA-E1080 in the Centennial Ballroom

DCConnect, headquartered in Singapore, is an innovator of on-demand connectivity to data centers and Cloud Service Providers. Having implemented the only independent SDN mesh architecture network in China, DCConnect has developed innovative portal connectivity to global data centers and Cloud Providers via a comprehensive user interface. This provides users with a scalable, agile, flexible solution allowing users to define via a virtual port to cost effectively turn up or turn down bandwidth within minutes. DCConnect has recently received an award of “Best Innovative Product and Best Practice” from 2018 Global Internet and Communications Cross Border Connectivity and Settlement Seminar

For more information, visit: http://dcconnectglobal.com or https://www.linkedin.com/company/dcconnectglobal/

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