Meet Connected2Fiber at CCA

Book a Demo with Ben Edmond, Founder & CEO of Connected2Fiber at the CCA Annual Convention, taking place on October 25-27, 2017 in Fort Worth, Texas, to see the exciting capabilities of our two new modules!

Enterprise Profiler
Enterprise Profiler presents a single screen Connectivity Profile of an Enterprise. The new module allows you to search for a company by name and see their overview. You can also view location lists, networks at each location and the ability to correlate that intelligence back to your customers. This provides actionable insight of their full network reach capabilities with which to intelligently identify which sites can be served OnNet, NearNet or through OffNet partners.

Network Radar
Network Radar is a carrier relations platform for network operators to receive OnNet and NearNet building lists from partner networks, manage their relationships with other operators, visualize OffNet circuits and look up networks to use for different areas.
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